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How To Approach Tasks You Really Hate Doing & Win



There’s always that one task you don’t like doing, it could be a simple chore, or it could even be something from a math assignment to a party you just don’t want to attend but have too. We all have different tastes and there’s always going to be something we just don’t enjoy doing, it’s a part of being human! But the acceptance that its alright to not want to do some things doesn’t take away the consequences of procrastinating. Because you’re going to get an F if you don’t do that assignment, your teacher doesn’t care if you like doing or not.

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So, this brings us back to the problem at hand, how to approach a task you really hate doing and win? Because the truth is that we all fall prey to procrastination once in a while. To help you out we’ve listed a set of tips that you use to help you get through those really hateful tasks.

1. Make a checklist:

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Having a checklist is like having a little reward for doing the task you aren’t so fond of doing. The reward being the tick you get to make as done in front of the task you’ve written), it’s like tricking your mind into believing that there’s a little pot of gold waiting at the end when your done with the dishes or your math homework or that assignment you just don’t want to do. It gives you something to look forward too.

2. Turn a big awfully boring task into little awfully boring tasks:

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Does your math assignment comprise of an entire exercise of fractions that you just don’t want to do? Well, why not try doing two at a time and then taking a five minutes breather to calm yourself and prepare yourself for the next two! Similarly, if you have to clean the kitchen and that includes doing the dishes and arranging the plates, try doing one of these tasks first and then going in to do the other a little later. You’ll eventually get your work done, and you and I both know that slow and steady wins the race.

3. Start measuring the time it takes you to complete one task:

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So you don’t want to spend your beautiful sunny day making a report for work? Well, time your task and get it done in nothing more an hour! The best way to speed yourself up is by placing a limit on the amount of time you’re going to spend on a particular task if you time your chores or your homework and projects you’ll be done in a lot less time than you would have been if you kept procrastinating!

4. Reward yourself:

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This one is just like the to-do list only it takes a little longer. Try giving yourself a reward after every task you complete, for example, once you’re done with your report you can watch a movie with your spouse or girlfriend or you can have drinks with your friends. You can merge this point with point number 2 as well, and you can give yourself little rewards every time you complete a sub-task.

5. Try finding deeper meaning:

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Boring is a matter of perspective, something that may seem boring to you might be really interesting and fun to someone else. If you really hate doing something, think of all the good it’s going to bring you in the future. For example, if you hate doing your Latin homework think or the good college you’ll get into if you get an A in the subject you clearly hate. If you hate exercising because it’s tiring, imagine an amazing curvy body for yourself. Perspective matters.

6. Make the most of it:

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If you don’t like doing your chores turn up some music and dance a little as you get some work done, if you don’t want to make your report get some ice cream to eat as you finish it.

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Not everything has to be boring, you can make it fun by combining a few activities and making the most of it. If you’re stuck in traffic get yourself some audio books or turn on a nice podcast and listen to some music.

7. Make someone else do it for you:

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I know, I know, it sounds like I’m asking to give up but that’s not essentially true. You can always have someone else do the task that you really hate and in return, you can do something for them that they completely hate. Like maybe you like cooking and your roommate doesn’t, you can ask her to clean as you cook.

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It’ll be a nice arrangement, and if you really hate Latin, you can always try taking French instead. The basic idea is that you can get rid of the task entirely.

8. Try getting yourself a work buddy:

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Anything tiring and awfully boring can be made less boring with having someone to accompany you as you get the awful boring work done. So, if you hate doing the dishes, make it coincide with the time when your spouse is making dinner if you hate doing your math homework do it with a buddy from school.

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If you don’t want to do your report for work complete it with someone who shares the sentiment and gives his or her valuable advice as you get your work done and can chat with you as well. If you dislike exercising get yourself a workout buddy and plan your workouts together.

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