Here are 12 Great Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Children can light up a women’s life, they can take away all the pain in the world and make a mother forget the problems holding her down. So, a pregnant women (you may not see it) but is gearing up to be the happiest women on the planet. We at Born Realist understand the amount of stress that women take during pregnancy, hoping for their babies to be born healthy and their births to go soundly and without problems. We’ve complied a list of tips that can help you feel better about yourself during your pregnancy and about your coming baby as well, tell us if you find this list useful in the comments.

12. Keep a light exercise routine:

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Exercise is the key to keeping your body happy and healthy, and leaving it behind during pregnancy isn’t the best idea. Keeping a light exercise routine helps keep your body blood pressure and cholesterol in check and helps make sure you can easily get back in shape after you’ve given birth. Going on a small walk, or swimming a little is beneficial as long you don’t exert yourself too much and yoga is fun and recommended.

11. Skin care and cosmetic use:

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Everything that a mother uses during pregnancy effects the child directly or indirectly and so we’ve come to cosmetics. It’s important to use mineral only makeup lines and natural products (with organic ingredients), here is a list of a few ingredients that you should avoid, whether they are coming in the form of medicinal ingredients or makeup products;

  1. Retinoids
  2. Hydroxy Acids
  3. Soy
  4. Acne products
  5. Hair removers & minimizers
  6. Steroids

10. Healthy Eating:

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Your menu should get healthier after getting pregnant, so its time to put away the junk food you’ve been snacking on (we know your having cravings but hear us out). It’s important to start consuming fiber, that means more vegetables, rice and oatmeal, fruits and beans. Then you need to make sure your in between meal snacks are healthy too, you could try fruit salads and crackers (whole grain), you should also try to avoid uncooked or under-cooked meat as both can be harmful for the baby. You may also have to skip out on the coffee and of-course you will need to add around 300 more calories to your diet after conceiving.

9. Stretch a bit:

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One of the most common complains that pregnant women have is about the constant cramping of their muscles after waking up in the morning. Well the best way to relieve these cramps is by stretching a bit after a long day of being pregnant (and we know that’s what it feel likes at times), and drinking lots of water and staying as hydrated as possible, healthy eating also helps keeping your muscles from getting cramped. So its important to follow the first few points.

8. Hydrated:

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As mentioned prior, staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy pregnancy, and it’s also important to understand that because of the baby, the mother needs to consume more calories and more water, doctors often recommend drinking 10 liters of water, but you shouldn’t drink water right before going to bed as it’ll keep you up at nights making you run to the loo.

7. Spa procedures and chemicals:

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Its important to relive the stress your under and the pressure you go through everyday, so indulging yourself is actually recommended and very important. But it’s also necessary to make sure you know what chemicals and essential oils are being used in your procedure, it’s recommended that a doctor should be consulted before going for  a spa treatment and the spa should be informed as well.

6. Be prepared before getting on a flight:

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Flights can be dizzying, nauseating and everything else that comes along with it, and flying during pregnancy is not just a bother, it can turn into a problem as well, it’s often recommended that flights should be taken only during the first 28 days of pregnancy as the chances of a miscarriage are usually low, but a doctor should be consulted before the decision is made and the airline company should be informed of your pregnancy as well.

5. Choose natural remedies:

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Medicines are usually prohibited during pregnancy, so its important to find natural remedies to relieve the effects pregnancy has on your body, these may include your nausea and heartburn and constipation.

4. Wear sunscreen:

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The extreme hormonal changes your body undergoes usually ends up effecting your skin as well, women usually experience spells of acne and dry skin. Doctors recommend maximum coverage on skin to protect it from the suns harmful effects as well, as the use of medicines for any kinds of issues, as mentioned prior is prohibited as it effects the baby.

3. The right sleeping position:

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Choosing the right sleeping position is not just important, its essential. Sleeping on your belly can obviously have adverse effects on the child and sleeping straight impacts the body as it places pressure on the spinal cord and the body in general, doctors recommend sleeping on one side with one knee slightly raised, keeping the child safe and leaving your body comfortable as well.

2. Go Shoe shopping:

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Buy yourself more comfortable flatter shoes instead of wearing your usual heel, your balance is also going to change and for the time being you may require a larger size than the one you usually use.

1. Know your beautiful:

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Pregnancy can cause a lot of women to fall into depression, its important to know that you are still the person you were before becoming pregnant, your just as beautiful, just as mesmerizing, and just as amazing. It’s better to keep yourself occupied and happy, doing things you love and at the same time you should be proud of yourself, not every one can be a mother and getting through pregnancy is one of the hardest things there is in this world, so your a fighter and a precious survivor, remember that.

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Article by: Born Realist