Getting bored in long commute, check these games to keep you entertained

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Long travel journeys often make you feel bored and weary. Have you ever noticed how time passes when you keep yourself busy or entertained? Playing online games can help you get rid of travel boredom. Online games are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. People are going gaga over these games. There are many types of such games available. Some involve real money, whereas some involve game tokens. Few gaming platforms also let you win vouchers and coupon codes. Such rewards often become the main attraction for the targeted public. Currently, games like rummy, poker, ludo, pool and even trivia games are gaining huge traction. The onset of the pandemic also aided the rise of such gaming platforms.

GetMega and other online platforms present you with an entertaining gaming environment, where you get to enjoy a plethora of games. Let’s dive into a few options:


Card games are always fun to play. They involve a lot of strategies and are super exciting. Online poker is a fun choice to play while you are travelling. The beauty of online games is that you do not need to find players to play. The game will itself connect you to a fellow player across the internet. Hence, no need for the hassle of convincing people to play. Online poker is pretty much the same as offline one. Every player is dealt 3 cards called a flop. There are 4 and 2 cards kept in the centre of the table. First, you need to bet on the flop after which every turn the card is flipped while increasing the money pool. Online poker is easier since you have the option of not showing your face too. No need to put on a poker face while playing online poker.


Another very famous card game filled with thrill. Rummy is one of the most played online games. People hugely enjoy this game. Similar to poker, this game too involves real money. Further, Rummy is played with 13 cards dealt with each player. Here, the player needs to make 2 sets of the 13 cards in hand to win the game. They need to create at least one pure sequence to announce the declaration. Rummy is very fun, but at the same time requires a lot of patience. Therefore, it is the perfect game for all your travels. 


Carrom is a very casual game. It doesn’t involve any real money. This game is purely for killing time. Carrom is traditionally played on a designated carrom board. With thick black and white chips, a striker and a red coloured chip called the queen. Just like chess, there are two sides, black, and white. The players choose their side and then take turns using the striker to pocket their chosen colour. Their main objective is to acquire all their chips and the queen. However, even if the queen is pocketed the player needs to cover the queen. To do so, they need to strike and acquire their opponent’s chip. It is a very fun game but needs a little practice. Online carrom is fun to play since the graphics are very smooth. 


The online pool is as cool as the offline one. It can easily kill your time. Similar to carrom you simply need to hit things to win. The key is knowing how to strike. If you can hit the pool balls easily, you will understand the rest of it too. It is always better if you know how to aim because then you will win.

Trivia games

Trivia games fall under the favourites categories. Who doesn’t love answering questions and trying your luck? The best form of time pass which will also challenge your general knowledge. Trivia games involve questions from GK, maths or even picture-related subjects. These games are very entertaining. The rules of the respective games are usually announced during the starting period. You might not need to connect with other players for these games. It can be a solo session and that is equally exciting. These games are usually time-based, hence the timer is constantly ticking and playing with your mind.

You can find all the above-mentioned games on the GetMega online platform and web app. Games such as Warship, Go Pool, Pic Me, and more are also available on the same. Here you can even turn on the audio and video while playing. To sign up to this platform you need to be 18 or above. All you need to do is download their app and create a profile. Next, you need to add some funds to your portfolio which will let you play the games. Play your preferred game and collect your rewards. You can also transfer your winnings into your bank account with just a few simple steps.