Checkout these games in upcoming weekends, to have some fun with friends

In this virtual world, online games serve as an integral part of our life. It gives us the joy that we urge for after the chores of our regular life. Rummy game is one such stressbuster that has several variants. One can never get bored of playing this brainstorming game. However, acing this game takes from months to years. It helps us to increase our levels of concentration and enhances our thinking capability. GetMega is the platform that you can use to discover the world of rummy. Numerous types of rummy and several other games are present in this application that can satiate your soul. Furthermore, you will find ample blogs that can help you perfect your games on the website of GetMega. This article will help you know the variants of rummy that you can play on GetMega. 

Weekend Rummy Games and their Rules

The variants of rummy are ample, you can opt for any of the following types to play online and spend your weekend:

Close Deck and Open Deck Rummy

This is the common rummy that people generally play. A closed deck is a set of cards that is present with the dealer after starting the game and distributing the cards to all the participants. These cards remain untouched until a player wants to exchange their cards with that of the closed deck. This only happens when the participant is not satisfied with the cards presented to him initially. On the other hand, an open deck means the cards that the players discard after some rounds of the game. Further, these cards are placed on the table or screen facing up. That implies all the participants can see the cards present in the deck. Furthermore, they can use one of these when they find a shortage of good hands. However, they need to give one of their less valued cards to the discard pile. In this game, you can drop out, especially when playing online when you have no more useful cards to bid with. 

Paplu Rummy

This is a variation of rummy that is available online. The interesting part of this game is the incorporation of funny characters named Paplu, Nichlu and Upplu. All these characters are parts of individual cards. Here Paplu holds the highest rank. The second rank holder is Upplu. On the other hand, Nichlu is the card that holds a rank below that of a wild card. That implies, that if 7 of a spade is the wild card then 6 of spade will be your Nichlu. In this variety of rummy, players need to build 3 sets comprising 3 cards each. The rest of the cards are kept as “run”. 

Point Rummy

It is a rendition of rummy that has an inclusion of Rummy point values. These points are related to currency. This variant does not only have a winner based on sequences but also counts on a pointing system. It counts the point of the lost players and calculates the monetary valuation of their points. Then it multiplies the value of currency assigned for the point scored. The summation of all the money is presented to the winner of the game. The point system enhances the game and makes it more interesting. 

29 Card Rummy

It is an online format of the traditional game of rummy. This game starts from the right of the dealer then the bidding continues. The player who bids the highest gets a scope to pick a trump card secretively. Then the dealer distributes 8 cards each to every player from a deck of 29 cards. The player who sits by the left of the dealer plays the first card. Further, the succeeding players have to show cards matching the first card. If any of the players do not have a matching card then he/she can inform it online. Then the trump card picker reveals its identity and the game continues accordingly. The player who has the highest points wins the game. When you play this game online and win, you get an attractive amount of cash as a prize. 

24✕7 Rummy

This is a concept that is introduced specifically for online players. In this pattern, the dealers bring about the best cards to you any time of the day. This solves the problem of a live traditional game where you have to have some players in front of you to play a game. Here you can play with anyone around the country without missing out on any chances of playing. The rules of the traditional rummy and rummy 24✕7 are the same. The USP of this format is that you can befriend people who have the same affinity for this game. You can also win astonishing cash prizes by playing in this format. 

Rummy Royal Card

The Rummy Royal Card game is an amalgamation of regular card games and higher stakes of the game of poker. It includes chips of denominations 1,5 and 10. The players use these chips to bet when a particular slot of playing comes. This game is played on the usual rummy mat. Here the participant who draws the highest-ranking card ends up being the dealer. This player has the right to deal cards to all the players including themselves. However, if you play this game online, your dealer will be chosen automatically in the game. 

Rummy is gaining more popularity after its emergence in the online mode. GetMega is providing its customers ample scope to play rummy in different formats. Besides, it enables you to have a video call with the game on if you wish to. This way you can even play this game with family and friends living away.