Tools to create a mesmerizing insta story

Instagram has become a professional tool for bloggers, influencers and businesses. The app offers a great variety of services and contains a lot of features which make Instagram stand out. Nowadays, it’s difficult to overcome a person or a service that doesn’t have their own profile. Since 2016 the users have got the opportunity to post Instagram stories. The main advantage of Instagram stories is that you don’t have to polish them like posts. Stories disappear in 24 hours, that’s why you can post something which is more real without spoiling your account aesthetics. The temporariness of insta story is also its main disadvantage. Sometimes you like someone else’s Instagram story, but don’t have enough time to truly appreciate it. In this case, insta story saver is a real life-saver. The service by Toolzu allows you to download an Instagram story from any public account and watch it anytime you want. 

Instagram stories must be catchy and attractive to make a person click on your account and get interested in your services. There is a lot of creative freedom, because there are no style limitations. Nobody will be able to watch your stories when the time passes. So, you can try different approaches and find the one that suits your audience in the best way. We’ve collected a number of tools that will make your experience with Instagram stories much more convenient, fascinating and, of course, stylish. 

No worries about the schedule 

When you’re trying to reach your audience through Instagram stories, it is important that they always remember about you. It requires a lot of posting. When you’re doing business or just have a lot of other things to do, there is a risk of forgetting to publish a story. Setting the alarms doesn’t really seem like a good idea. Hootsuite is an app that will allow you to set the time of posting in advance. All you need to do is to set your story and the time of posting. The app will post stories itself. Hootsuite contains simple tools for editing, so that you don’t have to download another app to edit your stories. The app offers 30 days of a free trial for you to understand how it works and if you want to use it further. 

Get funky

Make your stories stand out with Patternator. This app has a lot of quirky templates to offer. The templates are pretty funky, that’s why your story will never go unnoticed. Patternator has a huge gifs library in case you want to add more playfulness to your design. You are welcome to change the speed and movement of the graphics of the wallpaper. The app is free, but it contains a variety of premium options for even more mesmerizing customization.

Speak up!

Posting nice photos and videos is not enough if you want to fascinate your audience. Text is a vital part for successful story-making. Adding catchy captions attracts a lot of attention and your followers will definitely like it. However, your stories must still look aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we recommend you to try Typorama. The app offers more than one hundred fonts. You can edit your captions by adding beautiful gradients, shadows and trendy colors. The app is available for Android and Iphone. 

Master your selfies

Insta stories are often used to post selfies. Of course, everyone is beautiful in their own way. However, when you don’t feel confident about your facial features or feel like your skin doesn’t look perfect today, try Facetune. Facetune is extremely popular among celebrities, because the app makes the face on a photo look perfect but in a natural way. You don’t need to do plastic surgery or visit a cosmetologist to get rid of your insecurities. 

Create collages

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a lot of photos which are alike and couldn’t choose the right one? Creating a collage is a great solution. Storyluxe has a great number of features to make your collages look outstanding. You can also add colorful templates and texts. The app is free. Sadly, Storyluxe is available for Iphone users only.

Now you know apps and services to make your experience with Instagram stories more convenient and fascinating. They will help you to reach your audience with minimum effort and creative solutions. 

Article by Born realist