7 Ideas to Start a Journal for Reaching Your Goals

Journaling is a very positive activity, yet not many people keep journals. If you want to improve your life, you should consider keeping a journal as one of the winning strategies. Writing down your goals helps keep you in check.

Keeping a journal for your goals shows you want something bad enough to write it down. When you keep track of your progress, you’re more likely to succeed.

Did you know that writing is the center of mental creation? You heard that right. And for you to achieve something, you have to visualize it first. Keeping a journal helps you visualize your goals and the path you’ll use to get to them.

When you decide to keep a journal, you need to maintain a regular routine. You cannot journal once every month and expect to reach your goals. You can use your journal as a place where new ideas are born or where you have a collection of all your insights.

If you’re in college, you can use your journal to write down the grades you want to attain at the end of the semester. To make this a reality, you have to study smart and seek paper writing services when your hands are full.

1. Commit your Goals to Writing

To journal is to write about things that are most important to you. If you want to achieve your goals through journaling, you have to commit your goals to writing.

Since the writing is the center of mental creation, you get to turn vague desires into clearly outlined objectives that you can easily achieve. Journaling is the first step towards achieving your desires, and as you know, the first step is usually the most important. Look at it as laying your seeds on the ground.

2. Journaling helps you Set Aside Time to Think about Your Goals

If you are to keep a journal successfully, you have to set aside at least fifteen minutes each day to write down your thoughts. This is an excellent way of ensuring you’re always thinking about your goals.

Make sure you document your progress, as this will motivate you to keep going on days when you feel stuck. Since you’d already put the seeds on the ground, it’s now time to tend your garden.

3. Keep Track of the Progress

It can be quite hard to keep track of your progress if you don’t have a record of how far you’ve gone. By keeping a journal, you have a record to refer to each time you need to know how far you still need to go.

Each time you feel like you’re losing motivation, all you have to do is whip out your journal. Often, people give up when they’re so close to the finish line. When you see how far you’ve come, you’ll be compelled to race to the end of the finish line.

4. Have Evidence of your Success

When you keep a journal, you can easily remind yourself of how much you’ve achieved in the past. Sometimes all you need is evidence of your past successes to fuel you through another project.

5. Journals keep you Accountable

Accountability is key when you want to achieve your goals. Keeping a journal ensures you’re always reminded of the objectives you have to accomplish. You’ll be forced to accomplish something each day so that you have something to write in your journal.

6. You get to Overcome your Fears

The reason why many people are still lagging behind in life is that they’re afraid of taking the first leap towards success. A journal will act as a guiding light to help you overcome all your fears.

7. Have a Conversation with yourself

The best way to find a winning strategy for your goals is by having a conversation with yourself. As you journal, you’ll get time to listen to your thoughts. Saying things out loud makes them more real, and you get the zeal to achieve success.


Journaling is a healthy habit that everyone should take up. Whether your goals are big or small, journaling will help you accomplish them.