Quarantine: An Unique Time To Celebrate A Birthday

Birthdays have always been one of the most awaited and special events of the year that we look forward to. So, there’s every reason to make the most of it, regardless of the pandemic. It may sound unconventional, but the phase we are going through can be an interesting and unique time to celebrate an occasion. Though we cannot be with our near ones in person, we all would like to make this as wonderful as we possibly can to make them feel special.  


With the plans for going to your favorite pub or restaurant shelved, the only option left is to “party from home.” We are a little unsure about setting up a virtual bash for the first time, hence it’s advised to plan early. However, if we know how to make good use of our digital resources, organizing a birthday party should not be a hurdle even during a lockdown. From inviting guests to ordering cake and snacks, everything can be sorted with a few clicks. 


Let’s look at a few great quarantine birthday ideas to tide you over.


Starting with the invites 


This one is easy. There are many invitation maker tools available on the internet to help you complete this task. You will find a plethora of designs, templates, and colors to choose from, suiting the age of the birthday girl/boy. You must download and share the invites through a convenient electronic channel like Whatsapp or email. Don’t forget to keep track of the responses that you get; it will help you sort the arrangements better.


Getting everyone together


With the restrictions slowly being relaxed, some of the invitees may make it to the party. However, it’s expected most of them would still be available only virtually. So it’s important to figure out a video chat app that would bring everybody together at the same time. Apps like Google duo, Skype, or Instagram can save your day. They have features like screen sharing and cool filters, which can up the fun element. You can also use tools like slideshow maker to show them snapshots of your previous birthdays or any other fun memories.


Dress Code and Theme


Yes, it’s a party during quarantine, that doesn’t mean we need to shy away from looking all decked up. What better way to ensure everyone is looking at their funky best than to set up a theme or a dress code for the event. Popular themes like 80’s retro or Arabian Nights are easy to adopt, and almost everyone can fit into them. You can also have a dress code like black and red or the cocktail attire, which looks decent and adds elegance.


Raise a toast


You can take this b-day as a one-time opportunity where you can actually raise toast from a “distance.” Doing that to the people who are on the other side of the screen can be quite an experience. Also, it is an instance where we can spare a moment to appreciate the frontline health workers and the police who basically are risking their lives to ensure we stay healthy and safe.


Birthday cake


Whether the party is for a youngster, a parent or a grandparent, a birthday is truly incomplete without a slice of the gateau. It is time you can try your hands in baking that first birthday cake at home. You can also get one delivered to your doorstep. There are a lot of bakeries and confectionaries open and accepting only online orders. Don’t forget to light that candle, especially if you are organizing someone else’s birthday at home. You may not have enough stock to signify the age, but even that single lit candle lends a touch of care for your loved one.


Make the party interactive


Test your event management skills and try to organize a game or be the quizmaster for the evening. You can be the anchor to a round of online games of scribbles or cards. Also, let the guest of honor say a few words about the celebration. Don’t miss capturing the special moments and make them memories to cherish. You can use the invideo tool, an online video maker. Birthday parties such as these do not come often, so make the best out of it.


Home Decor


Don’t let the surroundings look dull. You can easily get hold of some basic home decoration items, balloons and streamers online. Shopping sites now have specific items for quarantined occasions like birthdays, baby showers, and anniversaries within an affordable price range. 


Birthday to pledge for


We often celebrate birthdays or other occasions for ourselves. Let’s make this birthday be remembered for a noble deed. You can urge the guests to donate essential items for the needy families affected with COVID-19. Lead by example, by arranging meals for them.




Birthdays do not always necessarily mean you will be throwing a big fat bash and enjoy the celebration. You are within your rights to spend it alongside your partner with your favorite food and wine. If you are staying alone, you can request a day off from work from your home schedule from your boss. Pamper yourself with that face scrub or sauna you have longed for months.




Last but certainly not least, can we think of any celebration without our favorite food? We can’t. The option of ordering online food is always available, but there is no harm in trying some homemade food for this year’s birthday. Quick fix food like noodles or pasta can be easily made without culinary expertise. You can also take a few clues from YouTube for recipes.


Don’t let your merrymaking be a reason for someone else’s agony. While most neighbors are welcoming during such occasions, some may not find it apt, mainly the aged. There could also be a patient next door. So be mindful before you turn up the volume of your home theatre or the loudspeakers.