14 Secrets Behind the Meanings of Famous Logos

We see them every day, we identify them because of their specific designs but have you ever thought what’s the meaning behind these logos? Have you ever tried to guess the story behind those famous logos as every logo has one. They are named and shaped after lots of consideration with hidden meaning behind them. Here we have some really famous logos and there hidden secrets for you to get your mind blow.

14. Disney

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Disney the most famous animation studio, that has made every other person’s childhood worth living. They have a secret behind there logo. The logo includes a fairy tale castle attributing to all those magical fairy tales produced under their banner. It used to symbolize Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany but later got replaced by Cinderella’s fairy tale castle in 2006.

13. Lego

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Who doesn’t know about Lego. Many artists are born through these special yet simplified games of building from blocks. It has given rise to so many children’s creativity unleashing their hidden talent. Lego is a Danish company and the word ‘Lego’ is derived from a Danish word ‘leg godt’ which can be translated to words ‘play well’

12. Pepsi

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Who doesn’t know about Pepsi, the famous fizzy carbonated drink consumed by millions around the world. Take the written word, mirror it horizontally and then tilt it upside down. You’ll get the answer of the condition of Pepsi against its rivals right now.

11. Fanta

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Fanta was invented around World War ll. The heard of Coca-Cola’s German branch, Max Keith was behind the idea of this new orangy fizzy drink. For the name he went up to his team and asked them to use their fantasies regarding the name of carbonated water. The result was ‘Fanta’ derived by word ‘Fantasie’ given by Joe Knipp who was one of the employees there.

10. Nintendo

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Nintendo, the first love of any gamer is a Japanese company. The name Nintendo is an amalgamation of three Japanese hieroglyphs ‘Nin-Ten-Do’ which can be translated to ‘Leave luck to Heaven’. It actually goes well with the gaming device inspiring you to give your best and leave rest to luck.

9. Pandora

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Pandora is a Danish Jewelry house and was inspired by the Greek Mythical object of same name. In ancient Greek ‘Pandora’ means ‘The all gifted. The myth surrounding Pandora is that Zeus ordered to make Pandora which was supposed to be the first human woman. It was done as a punishment to people because they stole the secret of fire from Prometheus.

8. Cadillac

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Cadillac the luxurious car company was founded by Henry M. Leeland. He named the company after one of his inspirational ancestor, who was also a French explorer. The name of his ancestor was Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac.

7. Durex

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Durex is a British contraceptive making company. It is also an amalgamation of three words guaranteeing best result. The word is divided as ‘Du-Re-Ex’. Du stands for being Durable, Re stands for being reliable and Ex simply means excellence in results.

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6. Levi’s

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Levi’s is one of the biggest denim providers to people around the world. If you see their logo, you can see two red curves on the bottom side symbolizing human bottoms. Basically it was done to tell the customer’s that this product is made to make one’s life better. And they creatively symbolized the part everyone wants to highlight by wearing their jeans.

5. EBay

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EBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar. EBay is actually a short form of the earliest version of the website designed by him. It stands for ‘Echo Bay Technology Group’. The founder versioned to use the name EchoBay.com to start his website but it turns out that a web by this name already existed. So he shortened it to eBay.com. But till this day many believe that it stands for ‘Electronic Bay’

4. Samsung

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Samsung is a Korean brand contributing to technology all around. The word is a collective of two Korean words. ‘Sam’ and ‘Sung’. In Korean Sam stands for ‘3’ and sung stands for ‘Star’. Here the number ‘3’ stands for three meaningful words attached to the brand, Great, Numerous and Powerful.


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Sega games have won hearts of gamers every age around the world. SEGA stands for ‘Service Games of Japan’. In the start the company only provided pinball gaming machines usually to military bases but later on expanded to make some famous computer games.

2. Audi

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Ever wondered what the four logos on your dream car’s company mean? The famous logo consist of just 4 circles but every circle symbolizes something. It symbolizes the 4 founding companies of Audi in 1932 which are ‘DKW’, ‘Horch’, ‘Wanderer’ and ‘Audi’.

1. Alfa Romeo

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Alfa Romeo has symbolized some deep historical meanings under there logo’s design. The red cross basically symbolizes Milan’s emblem. The snake, viper to me more specific is the symbol of House of Visconti. Milan was ruled by this House in 14th century. One interesting fact about the cars of this brand is that they have killed fewer people as compared to other brands.

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