This Guy Uses A Special “Gift” To Solve FBI Cases

Tory Griffin is the world’s top Intuitive Consultant & Psychic Detective. Troy specializes in psychic investigations of unsolved murders and missing person(s) cold cases. He donates his services and time to police forces and private investigators around the country to use his psychic abilities to help validate, provide new clues and answers to help solve the case. It is truly a unique skill set and ability and Troy travels around the United States helping those in need.


Troy Griffin was born in a military family. He grew up on a small island (Whidbey Island) in Washington State. He found that island to be mystical and spiritual. He has been married for 26 years and has a son who is 24.


At the age of 10, Troy used to work in strawberry fields as a picker. He used to make $.25 per basket. It was hard for him but his energy level was good and kept him going. This energy was completely opposite from what the energy he used to face at home between his parents. According to Troy’s memories, his dad was not supportive at all and his mother at the time was only concerned about wealth and fame. Due to this situation, he was forced to take care of himself since he was eleven and working in fields all summer long was a way for him to be surrounded by happy people, escaping the horrible, evil and negative energy from home.


Later Troy Griffin started working as an ice cream seller. He used to sell Italian ice at sporting events, concerts, and other public events. He used to work six days a week after school. He used to make extra money after selling every tray. According to Troy, he never used to enjoy the same things that other kids used to like, such as attending a party, going to movies or just hanging out. Between school and his job, he used to get exhausted but still used to manage as he was in need of money. His mother only used to give importance to his sister, while ignoring him.

God Gifted Blessing:

At his sixth-grade camping trip In Orcas Island Washington he felt connected to a monk that was on the island. He actually was gifted with the sense of intuition. Later, at the age of 17, he met other intuitive people which actually helped him in using his gift/talent. Most of them used tarot cards. People kept on telling him that he was intuitive. But at the age of 18, he met his mother-from-another mother in Los Angeles, CA. She knew from her own intuition that Griffin was intuitive and began giving him books on psychic abilities and psychic development.

The road to Success:

Over the next few decades he worked in the real estate industry and owned a few successful companies only using his intuition with close friends, or when being asked questions. He would answer the questions with what he saw or thought, never admitting that he was intuitive. When things happened the way he said they would he would chalk it up to a “gut feeling.” While on the flip side when things he said did not happen or come true, he would think that is interesting, guess his gut was wrong on this or that. “He never thought it was from his intuition more just a gut feeling.”


Everyone has a different idea of success. Griffin’s biggest accomplishment was the ability to help others move forward in a life situation and/or finding closure. Helping others and making a difference. His most important accomplishment in life was his family which included his wife, son, and acquaintances. They stood by him through all ups and downs. Another accomplishment was that he learned how to trust God and himself. Believing and using the gifts he has been given, has guided him to a higher spiritual path.


The unique thing about Griffin was that he was not afraid of letting people know that he was a Christian. Many people forbade him to use the gifts he was blessed with as it was against God’s will. He was not afraid of telling his religious belief to other people. He used to respect every person no matter if he is with him or against him.

Overcoming Tragedies:

In his personal life, Troy has suffered tragedy since he was very young. As a young child, his mom treated him as if he was not a part of the family. In Troy’s own words, he “felt unwanted”. He overcame this when he met his “mother-from-another-mother” who spent hours with him discussing his feelings and helped him through his young adulthood. He later faced many other tragedies in his business and faced crises. But in the end, he survived. He told people that he is not a victim because he survived. He is a survivor living in the same house he fought for, having a successful business and been afforded the opportunity to be and continue to be blessed.


Griffin’s future goal is to continue helping needy people and to be a motivational speaker. His other goal is to write a book.  He wishes to be a motivational speaker in near future.

Words of wisdom:

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs.


His aim is to make the world a better place by giving people something that they can us use to make their lives better and put them in a better place.

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Article by Born Realist