10 Choices You Need To Make In Life To Become Successful

As human beings, status quo of personality is a state we love to live in – change frightens us, it deters us. Crossing that comfort-zone bridge and accepting that your life will be different and better from then on, is in itself a milestone.

Gear up for the change:

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The very realization that a change is due in life is the stepping stone to success. Why do we feel lagging behind? It’s because we hide progress from our sight with the curtain of a stagnant and an average mindset as well as routine. To achieve a goal, you need to transform from within and without. This demands the reshuffling of your daily life, activities, work ethics and if necessary, your ideas. Being ready and there for a transformation in your life and lifestyle will take you paces closer to your aim. It may not appear taxing, but mind you, bringing a deliberate constructive change in life and sticking to it, demands un-parallel determination, strength, and perseverance.

Say goodbye to procrastination:

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Good luck in finding the word procrastination in a successful person’s dictionary – it simply doesn’t exist. Delaying matters makes you lazy and is a sign of non-seriousness. The ones who are driven by passion and want to excel in life don’t even delay matters by the minute.What needs to be done should be done there and then. By just eliminating procrastination from life, you’ll notice a change in your attitude. The attitude thus developed would prove as the steer to your life’s ship, guiding you to the island of success, safe and sound. Matters will turn out the way you wished them to and that too much quickly.

Be tough on yourself:
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Self-discipline and self-control are those magical traits that only a few can master. Being tough on oneself reaps the fruits of success and satisfaction. Discerning what is best for your triumph and benefit and then religiously adopting those norms and activities will ensure that the victory ball always remains in your court.Being subtle on yourself will prove counterproductive, causing a huge set back to your dream goal. On the way to making fortune, leniency will only make one feeble and vulnerable. Challenging yourself at every turn of your life will aid in preserving that spark in you, which makes you distinct and separate from others.

Set multiple goals:

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Dream big and do have an ultimate goal in life but alongside, do make a habit of setting small and easily achievable goals too. For a constant stream of motivation, one has to have a sense of achievement – the sense which gives you a power boost and encourages you to keep moving on. Consider those accomplishments as your army, these will ensure complacency, guarding your goal with utter responsibility. Instead of jumping at your aim; experience and intelligence narrate; go steady and smoothly on the road to achievement. It’s not the hasty and impatient who wins the price but the calm and vigilant one. Don’t expect success to ring your doorbell overnight, be a patient guest and cherish each moment of accomplishment along the journey.


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The base of your success empire relies on the bricks of commitment. The stronger the devotion you show towards your goal, the more certain your chances of becoming victorious. Any endeavor pursued with a dwindling dedication is predestined to fail. The attachment and determination to your goal should be such that a part of your existence manifests itself in your struggle for its achievement.

Surround yourself with challenging people:

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A famous saying goes by- “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room”. One’s abilities and capabilities are put to test when adversity and competition are confronted – without competition you lack practical exposure which is intrinsic to success.The achievement of a goal doesn’t result from mere verbiage or rhetoric is what is vital. A demanding atmosphere, where you are enveloped by a group of people; each holding some talent, passion, and character; will bring out the best in you.To dazzle your confidence among those who are weaker than you is child’s play. To test the waters, immerse yourself in the depth of competitiveness and rest assure that you’ll have the swim of your life – where there would be so much to learn and even more to embrace.

Welcome criticism:

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Most of us are at a loss while handling criticism- It’s not because we consider ourselves as perfect but because we take criticism as a personal attack on our ideas and capacities. But what if I tell you that this fault-finding process we abhor, is the best way to fill in the loopholes that exist in our work. Positive criticism adds immensely to the betterment of the progress for your goal. The linearity of our thoughts is rightly questioned through fair criticism. By giving an ear to what’s missing and what more can be done, the chances of your succeeding are accelerated by many folds.So be open to ideas and utilize criticism in the right way. You never know, the pointing out of one gap by someone may benefit you in a way, unprecedented.  But beware to sieve the constructive criticism from the destructive one.

Eliminate negativity:

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Would you ever welcome a thief to your house? Probably not, then why welcome negativity. The former steals material fortunes, while the latter, the fortunes of fate. Negativity in life tantamount the adhesive which sticks you to the same dreadful spot and hinders your way forward. Hence, the deck of success essentials never contains the negativity card. Be optimistic about yourself, your future and goals. Put aside all the frightful and confusing thoughts as well as bang the door of life on those who fill it with uncertainty and doubt. A positive vibe will produce a positive attitude towards your aim, bringing you just fractions away from success.

Hard work- the clear winner:

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On the ramp of success, hard work walks as the showstopper. Nothing comes easy in life – you have to intensely crave it and have to sweat for it. The more the effort that goes into achieving the goal, the more content and satisfied a person is. Attaining something with the kosher work being put into it means a lifetime of cherishing that blessing. A person who works hard for success knows the worth and importance of each of his accomplishment. The hard work of his fuels him to go one more step ahead and repels him, even from the thought of giving up. ⦁ Believe in yourself:  The only person that can stop you from attaining your goal is you. Remember one thing – belief in yourself as well as in your dream goal is the first condition and rule for starting off. When everything seems to break apart and when everyone; even those on whom you relied on, seem to doubt you; know this- no pain is permanent and no hindrance big enough to break your dream. Move ahead with a confidence in your abilities, ambitions, and self. Shatter hopelessness and break free from the shackles of suspicion and doubt.

Article by Sunaina Tahir from Born Realist