7 Tips For Those Working Hard In Silence

We have a few exceptions out in the world who work harder than anyone else. Day and night, they give their all to the hard work but still we never hear about them and their success. Why is that? Silently working hard towards their goal can cut them off from the world and they might be working hard but you never know if their hard work was placed in the right direction and they might realize it too late. Everyone needs a little guidance in achieving their goals.

7. Trigger Yourself:

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Triggering means that a specific thing when placed in your sight can take you to another thought related to it that you didn’t know existed anymore before coming in contact with that object. Basically coming in contact with that object triggered your memory. When you work hard in silence, your hard work can consume you so much that focusing on one part, you can forget about the other side. For that, setup some automated, text, e-mail or reminder to help you remember a specific task at exactly the time it is supposed to be done or post some post it note on bathroom mirror with some motivational quote that can always remind you why to stay on the path to success.

6. Plan Events:

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Silently hard working people tend to lose contact with the world. What they forget is that coming in contact with people could be the biggest motivation. Planning an event like a movie, day out with friends, dinner date or things like that will relax you for a while and cheer you up. By the end of the day, you will have a sense of accomplishment by planning and getting through with the event successfully. Once you are relaxed, you’ll be able to focus on work without stress.

5. Turn Rejection To Hard Work:

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Whenever anyone is on the path to achieving their goal they are bound to fail at least once. Silently working day and night could make you more sensitive as only you know how much hard work you put in it, but instead of sulking on failure or rejection, make it your strength. Turn it into motivation and learn from your mistakes, as it would only change you into a better and stronger version of yourself.

4. Accept Handouts:

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If you don’t want to get directly in contact with anyone but still need some help, then start sending out handouts to people anonymously, the more motivated you sound the better chances are that they will help you. Their reply would be your motivation, plus it would keep you under check to not get lazy and work your best, so you would not disappoint the person who helped you. This will help you keep up the hard work.

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3. Self Appreciation:

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Silently putting all your strength in hard work, you can be very critical of yourself and think of yourself as someone who can’t accomplish much in life. Basically, you could be demotivating yourself to leave all the work as you won’t get anything out of it. Take small steps, doing one task at a time and give it your hundred percent. After you have accomplished it, don’t forget to appreciate your efforts and hard work that you put in that task. It will be your biggest strength to move on.

2. Be Hard On Yourself:

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Achieving easy goals will not help you move to harder and bigger goals. Silently thinking that you have accomplished so much by just going through the easy task won’t prepare you for that big dream of yours. Don’t leave it for later thinking you are not ready yet. It might be scary but your motivation will help you get through the hard tasks even after multiple failures. Make your life a little harder and more challenging, as it would give you the true sense of accomplishment.

1. Measure Your Growth:

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Your motivation will die without a sense of mental growth and soon your energy will die. Evaluate every task you go through with the level of hard work put in it and the level of success you got through it. Even the failed ones, as they also grow you into stronger person with all the experience you get.

Work Hard in silence, let your success make the noise.

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Article by Born Realist