11 times Maya Ali proved herself as a Perfect Pakistani Barbie

Pakistani lead actress Maya Ali has received a lot of praise from the audience after her super hit serials ever since she stepped into the industry. Her innocent looks distinguish her from the rest.

1. Her smile will make you fall in love with her

She has always caught the eyes of the viewers through her cute smile.

maya ali

2. Isn’t she a QT?

This innocent looking face is no less than a treat or the viewers.

Credit: Maya Ali’s Twitter

3. Looks equally good in Hijab too

Well, doesn’t matter what she wears, she’s gonna amaze you anyways.

maya ali

4. Maya Ali knows how to carry herself


The way she carries herself is something worth mentioning.

maya ali

5. Her Desi look

Even in this Desi look, she looks drop dead gorgeous

maya ali

6. She is a stunner after all!

Speaking about how he looks in western clothing. This picture is enough to show how stunning she looks

Credit: Maya Ali’s Twitter


7. Her eyes say a lot

It’s true what they say, her sparkling eyes are enough to capture anyone’s attention.

maya ali

8. She can pull off this nerdy look pretty well..

Her recent look in glasses will make you adore her even more

maya ali


9. Has a childish side too

She is a fun loving person with a little bit of playful side as well.

maya ali


10. She can be emotional too..

Whenever she portrays an emotional scene, she melts down the heart with her expressions.

maya ali

11. She’s a perfect model too

She’s not just an actress, but an equally good model too featuring in various bridal shoots.

Credit: Maya Ali’s Twitter



Well, considering her flawless looks in every form whether it’s desi or modern, Maya Ali is an absolute stunner. And we hope that she makes her mark in the movies soon.