How To Turn On A Woman In 10 Minutes

While men tend to get turned on easily and much faster than women, it takes women longer and a little more effort to get in the mood. Certain switches need to be triggered for the female body to release the necessary chemicals. However, with a little bit of patience and good communication with your partner you can learn about what works for you as a couple and what you need to do in order to have a great sex life. Here are some things you can try with your partner to give them all heated up and full of desire:

1. Take Your Time

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Do not rush things. The female body releases oxytocin, a feel-good chemical, upon being touched. So take your time fondling and stroking as the more oxytocin flows the faster your partner will get in the mood.

2. Pay Attention

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In order for someone to be attracted to you, they need to like you. It is not all about what you do in the bed, but also outside the bed. Show interest in your partner when they talk to you. Listen to them not just hear them. Knowing that you are interested in their lives and not just the sex will make them more affectionate towards you and they will automatically find you more desirable.

3. Make Use Of Your Tongue

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It is a well-known fact that women do not climax with penetration alone. Oral sex can be a great method of foreplay and will leave your partner asking for more. So use it as a foreplay or the main action itself and it will have your partner going crazy with ecstasy. Watch a few tutorials or ask your partner what feels the best to get better at it with time.

4. Try Some Toys

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Sometimes you can get dull in bed with the same routine everytime. A great way to keep things interesting is using some sex toys. You and your partner can pick them out together from a shop and experiment with what works best for you.

5. Sweet Whisperings

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Whispering sensually into the ear of a woman can be a great turn on. The earlobes and the skin behind tend to be quite sensitive and stimulating them will work like a charm.

6. Be Spontaneous

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Surprise makeout sessions are a perfect to heat things up while keeping your partner guessing. If you see an opportunity while you are with your partner, take it. A surprise kiss against the laundry room wall or a cafe will catch your partner off guard and the spontaneity of the situation will make them all hot for you.

7. A Massage

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Massages are a great way to unwind after a hectic day and also to turn someone on. Start from the shoulders and make your way down the back. By the end of it, you’ll both will be all over each other.

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8. Surprise Hugs

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While she is working or doing her makeup, come up from behind and enclose her in your loving embrace.

9. Neck Pecks

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Neck kisses are enough to send shivers down a girl’s spine. Put your arms around her waist and kiss her bare neck. Start from behind the ear and slowly make your way down the length of her neck.

10. Talk Sexy

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To start heating things up even before you put your hands on each other use your words. Use your imagination and describe all the things you want to do to each other in a slow voice while making steady eye contact.

11. Touch Soft

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Not everything has to be sexual for it to turn a person on. Women love kisses on the forehead. Showing affection in any way can make your partner more tender towards you and ultimately desire you more. So use small gestures like a passionate hug or a caressing touch on the cheek to show your partner how much you adore and appreciate them and they will be automatically drawn towards you more.

12. Spice Things Up

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We all crave for something new and interesting in our lives and the same goes for sex. Doing the same things over and over with the same person can take the charm out of things and can make your sex life boring. To keep things interesting and fun, keep experimenting with new things and methods. Take things out of your bedroom, a new location, a hotel room or even your car to get that adrenaline flowing over doing something new.

13. Pull Her Into You

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Sometimes taking charge can be sexy. If you do not normally take charge, doing it for a change will take your surprise by surprise and showing them you desire them will definitely be a turn on. So take her hand and pull her to you, grab her waist and passionately kiss her.

If you want to turn on and turn off of your partner the best way then it is better to ask them. Each person has different triggers and they will be able to guide you better. However, these are some tricks that seem to work universally and will most probably work on your partner too. Although you should always discuss with your partner before trying anything new and do only the things they happily consent to.

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