Things to Talk About Before You Get Married

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A wedding is one of the biggest events in your life and one of your happiest days. Some couples start fixating over things like the guest list and the wedding dress but end up overlooking important conversations, such as the following.

Possibility of Children

There are a few couples out there who think their partner is on board with having kids without really asking. Sometimes, couples talk about kids but don’t go in depth. You need to make sure you both want children or that you both don’t. You need to find out how quickly you want to have children or under what circumstances you are willing to have children. It’s important to figure out the upbringing you want for your children and make sure you are both in agreement.

Talk About Living Location

A couple normally starts their lives near families and friends but might want to branch out. You need to find out if your partner is willing to relocate if you were thinking of doing that in the future. See how far your partner is willing to move away from family and friends. Look for common ground if you both disagree about where you’ll be settling down. Figure out if you both like the same type of setting because some people love the city while others want a rural setting.

Financial Contingency Plan

You’ve probably budgeted for your wedding and feel prepared for the big day, which is good. The problem is that life doesn’t always fall into your plans. You need to be ready to take decisive actions should there be an unexpected emergency expense that require immediate financial attention while your budget is already tied up in wedding plans. Research potential options for short-term funding like credit cards or online installment and payday loan direct lenders who may be able to help you get over the financial hump, if you don’t have the savings to cover it.

Genuine Faith Discussion

One of the hardest conversations to have deals with faith. You both already know what each person believes, but that doesn’t mean you’ve talked about the details. For example, some couples don’t talk about devotion. You need to find out how important faith is and if it’s going to play a big role in your life or the life of your children. If you happen to be the devoted one, then find out if your partner is willing to allow space for religion in your household.

Discussing House Chores

You’d be surprised how many couples end up having serious problems because house chores weren’t discussed. It’s hard to find someone who loves to do everything that needs to be done at home, and because this is true, chores need to be divided. If you happen to hate something and your partner doesn’t, see if your partner can take care of that. You can offer to deal with another chore you don’t find too grueling. Continue to divide chores up. You can even write it down so that you both know what to expect from each other.

Family Obligation Discussion

You should discuss how involved you plan to be with each other’s families after marriage. Some people want to visit their family every week, while others prefer to keep a distance. You need to find out where you both stand on this issue. If there is a major difference, try to work on a compromise where you both get to a place of understanding.

These are just some conversations you need to have with your partner. Remember, these conversations need to be as detailed as possible to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

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