10 Things Not To Do Immediately After You Wake Up

Your morning routine might be different from your best friend’s, or your mother’s or any other person next to you, because there is no morning routine that fits into everyone’s life. Some might be interested in drinking coffee the moment they wake up, or some might read newspaper, and some crazies wake up and start dancing. Well anything is acceptable in the world we live in, isn’t it? Morning is am important part of the day and how you spend it declares your day’s routine. For instance: Are you always in bad mood when you wake up? Or Do you lay in your bed for hours and hours and think about life? Or Do you always wake up stress free and your day is a blast for you? Your bad morning habits can have a negative effect on the rest of the day. But a few changes in your bad morning routine can make it a healthy morning pattern for you. Just follow these simple ways of making your mornings healthy and your day amazing.

1. Not Stretching:

healthy morning routine

When we are asleep our muscles sleep too and they become stiff throughout the night and remain stiff until we wake up. If you don’t stretch when you wake up you might be carrying this stiffness with you at your work, which can effect your productivity of the day. That is why some people who do not stretch remain tired and uncomfortable all day. Just a few deep breaths and stretches will do the work!

2. Checking Your Phone:

healthy morning routine

Having a smart phone does not necessarily mean that your mind is smart as well. You don’t have to immediately look into your phone when you wake up, it won’t solve any world’s problems. You will have plenty of time to check into social media in the rest of the day time, utilize this time in doing something good for your body and mind, try doing yoga! It might help you in the rest of the day.

3. Leaving Your Bed Unmade:

healthy morning routine

You often would not feel the need to make your bed, after all it is going to be messy again. But according to a research “making your bed is associated with increased productivity throughout the rest of the day”. It is counted as a good habit and if you make it your routine you might end up in adopting other good habits. So tomorrow when you wake up don’t forget to make your bed!

4. Snoozing Your Alarm:

healthy morning routine

Hitting the snooze button for once is O.K. and you will tell yourself that 5 more minutes of sleep won’t hurt anybody. But you know you will be end up hitting it more than twice and that is more alarming than your alarm itself. Hitting the button again and again will let you travel in your sleep cycle and when you finally do wake up, you’ll probably feel awful and groggy.

5. Skipping Breakfast:

healthy morning routine

Skipping breakfast leads to obesity, diabetes and weak immunity and puts extra strain on your body. Study suggests that you don’t necessarily have to eat like a king in the break fast but you need to eat something. Avoid high crab breakfast because it is little to no nutritional breakfast rather add some proteins and make it your healthy morning routine.

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6. Getting Nicotine-Or-Caffeine:

healthy morning routine

A lot of people reach for their pack of cigarettes or that strong black coffee as soon as they get up.A cigarette or a strong coffee on an empty stomach can devastate the system over a period of time because after a long gap between dinner and breakfast your body needs some healthy nutritious meals rather than a smoke or a cup of coffee.

7. Not Exercising (Healthy morning routine):

healthy morning routine

Your busy and hectic routines might not allow you to hit the gym and take care of your body but working out or doing yoga first thing in the morning can also help you wake up, even if it’s only for a few minutes! Try it, you will feel fresh the rest of the day.

8. Thinking About Yesterday:

healthy morning routine

What happened the day before, let it stay there. Do not let the bad memories haunt you every day. Thinking about yesterday’s problems will not help you move forward. You can’t change what has already happened, so focus on making every day better than the last.

9. Staying In The Dark:

healthy morning routine

Keeping the lights off and the blinds tilted may seem like a softer way to start the day and many people are often fond of it too. Our mind knows how to function in particular time of the day whether it is dark or light. So when you get ready in the dark or practice other chores in the morning, your mind could signal to your body that it is still night and feel much more dazed. Feel fresh and open up the blinds!

10. Wasting Time On Unimportant Decisions:

healthy morning routine

The most important of all, if you want to accomplish something in your life and you want to achieve better in your life, you need to figure out what is more important for you and what isn’t. Do not spend too much time on decisions that you know are not relevant to your day, such as the clothes you wear. Many famous and successful people like Mark Zuckerberg wear same outfits every time because they do not want to waste time on unimportant decisions of the day. Set your priorities straight and adopt a healthy morning routine!

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Article by Born Realist