The importance of the headboard of your bed, according to Feng Shui

Did you know that the head of your bed says a lot about your life? Having a good headboard according to Feng Shui is a crucial item to create a strong energy of support and protection in your room. It will allow you to have a better quality of your sleep better, in addition to giving you a good general sense of security in life.

In the same way that a good headboard brings you many benefits, not having a headboard or having a “weak” headboard will not bring the expected benefits, and, worse… it can bring you some problems in your life. A headboard at odds with Feng Shui will not provide us with the supportive energy and stability that we all need. To assess the impact of this, think about the time we spent in bed! Is a long time! Almost 1/3 of our lives!

Take a moment and tell me: How are you feeling? Protected or vulnerable? How’s your emotional? Feeling stable and steady or unstable and lost in life? Do you constantly suffer from events behind your back? Do you even use a bedside toilet?

Now tell me … how is your headboard? What material is it made of? Where is it positioned in your room?

According to Feng Shui, all of these aspects regarding your headboard can directly interfere with your life. In this article, I will talk a little about the characteristics of a good headboard in terms of Feng Shui and its impacts on our life!

How does the headboard influence our lives?

In Feng Shui we have that the head of the bed symbolizes protection. It brings security and stability to life. So, a bed without a headboard leaves the person who sleeps there unprotected during the period of sleep, which is already a time when they are energetically more fragile, right?

The bed must have a headboard to protect the body from excess energy and leave residents safe during this rest period. According to Feng Shui, beds without a headboard leave residents vulnerable and can cause problems sleeping, feelings of insecurity and fragility in life.

It is very important that the headboard is attached to the bed (and not just attached to the wall as is the custom with modern headboards) and also leaning against a solid wall to ensure greater protection and stability in the life of those who sleep there … ok ?!

But, having a headboard is not enough. Although the headboard represents protection, not all types of headboards will adequately protect you and provide you with all the benefits mentioned above …

Ideal headboard

Having a good headboard for Feng Shui is important for the quality of your sleep, as it provides a subtle sense of security. Scientific studies have concluded that poor sleep quality can be detrimental to your mental, emotional and physical health. Ideally, beds should have solid headboards made of dense material, be closed (without holes), solid wood or upholstered. This will bring security and stability in life (but those wall panels are not worth it, because besides being very thin, the headboard needs to be attached to the bed).