How to choose the perfect dress for an evening wedding?

Wedding nights are the ideal social event to showcase our best clothes. On these special occasions, we try to get the best from him and follow our style to feel comfortable and beautiful. However, we don’t always find special clothes that make us shine with our own light. And at this point is when the search for the perfect dress for an evening wedding begins and the concern to choose the most suitable. With this article we give you some ideas to improve it.

1. Consider the type of wedding before choosing the ideal guest dress

The first step in choosing the perfect dress for an evening wedding should be clear about the type of wedding you will be attending. On several occasions, these events have special labels announced by the bride and groom to all participants. For example, in some weddings, all guests are invited to wear white clothes, wear long dresses or dresses that are inspired by a particular era or style.

For example, a boho style wedding is in fashion, where the perfect dress for an evening wedding will be less formal, betting on a more relaxed air, with looser sizes and all types of prints. On the other hand, on other occasions, the venue and ceremony style of the bride will show that the best dresses for this wedding are those made with party cloth and, especially, plain colors.

2. The perfect dress for an evening wedding depends on the venue

When choosing the right dress for an evening wedding, we must also consider the type of place where it will occur. Now because weddings are held all the time in special pockets, there are many alternatives and possibilities. For example, for a beach wedding, it is best to bet on loose dresses, bright colors and light fabrics, and it is better if we accompany with comfortable wedges or flat shoes or with small heels. The same applies to wilder scenarios, where the comfort and adequacy of the environment applies. On the other hand, in fancy restaurants and other more sophisticated environments such as luxury homes or farms, the perfect dress if the wedding at night, will be the length of the party, with high heels and accessories that match the style.

3. Choose the perfect wedding dress according to body shape

Although the type of body we have is not the first thing we think about when we choose a dress for a special occasion, it is an aspect that can also be taken into account to find a model that feels the best for us. For example, in very thin women, mold helps to give volume and increase curves. In the same way, chest curtains give a greater effect to this area. Plus size evening gowns can be a good option.

Tips for choosing the right wedding dress for a round body

For a more rounded body in the middle, an apple or an hourglass upside down, it’s better to avoid accessories that accentuate the waist, such as decorations at that level, belts, horizontal lines or short blouses. They also don’t like shoulder pads and other clothing that adds volume to the back. On the other hand, the pronounced neckline, long blouse and wide pants are great.

Hopefully by reading this article you can be wiser in choosing your evening dress.