The Best way to buy men watches

Not only are there so many watches to choose from, there are many types of watches with costs ranging from a dollar to the price of a hyper car. So, which one to buy? Is the dinner plate flashy and full of glitter? The chrome digital watch “grandfather”? The baffling gadget festival? To help the customer of neophyte and not-so-neophyte watches, New Atlas cuts the brush with our introductory guide for modern best watches¬†buyers.

Buy a watch from any reputable dealer or directly from any of the big brands and you can’t go wrong, nor have you got here filling up unreliable tickers hanging inside your coats. But what kind of design, heritage or makeup speaks to you and what does it say about you? There’s no way to avoid it; The brand you support is important, especially because it is the most personal thing you own. Just make sure one thing: go to the store and try it on. You’ll know instantly, anyway.

The only function of the dress watch is to complement a business suit or formal wear. Dress watches don’t even care about precise timing, since many don’t even have seconds. So, what are the important characteristics to look for? Simply put, simplicity. Practically speaking, a dress watch must be properly proportioned to the user’s wrist. Otherwise, it will draw attention to itself; The only thing a dress watch should never do.

Imagine a battlefield at dawn. The artillery bombardment continues for exactly eight minutes. Almost before the last round arrives, the infantry assault has begun while the cavalry regiment charges the enemy flank almost simultaneously. That was the war at the beginning of the 20th century. And it was possible thanks to the wristwatch.

There is no style that defines an aviator watch. According to the progressive nature of the aviation industry, the type has grown and developed as new technologies and new requirements emerge. The first watches used by the pilots were reused field clocks. They had to be precise, of course, and they had to be readable in low light conditions. The field clocks, with their manual winding movements and black dials with large white numbers, fulfilled these two requirements.


The diving watch is one of the most prolific men’s watch styles. It should be obvious that accurate timing is crucial when hundreds of feet underwater while carrying a finite supply of air. As a result, divers have always demanded superior watches. Modern diving did not really exist until the 1950s, just then, Ian Fleming began writing James Bond novels. Fleming wrote the novels every summer while on vacation at his home in Jamaica, where he was an avid diver. This was the same time Rolex introduced the Submariner, so Bond, diving and Rolex have been linked since then.

Racing watches, which are not subject to uniformity, tend to be much more striking. You will have much more exotic color and style options when selecting a racing watch that, say, a field clock. Just remember that the more striking the watch is, the more casual it becomes and dress accordingly. There are two characteristics that define a good race watch. A chronograph and a tachymeter. A chronograph is a watch with a separate stopwatch function, which generally has an additional sub-dial (or three) and pushbuttons at the 2 and 4 o’clock positions to start / stop and reset the second hand. A tachymeter is a type of bevel used to make time and distance calculations. When measuring the number of seconds to travel a known distance, the external marks will show the speed in the unit measured per hour.