Colors to Add to Your Logo

If your business is just getting off the ground, you must consider creating a custom logo. This provides your customers with a way to identify your business from others in your market. Just think about some of the biggest brands out there. You can typically identify them by their logo in seconds. You want your customers to be able to do the same thing with your business.

Things You Must Include In Your Business Logo

When you first start creating your company logo, clarity is key. Don’t try to make it too elaborate that people get confused. You want your logo to be easy to remember. Plus, realize that people are only likely to see your logo for a few seconds at a time. You want a logo that will be simple to remember in those few seconds.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when picking a logo is opting for something unrelated to their business industry. You want your logo to clearly show what industry you’re in. For example, if you’re a contracting business, having a hammer as part of your logo allows you to showcase your industry. If you’re a physician, then a stethoscope is a great icon.

Opt For Colors That Compliment Each Other

One of the worst mistakes you can make when designing your company logo is picking colors that don’t compliment each other. Remember that your logo is going to be imprinted in multiple places, such as t-shirts, business cards, and banners. You want your colors to compliment each other so that your logo is easy to read.

If you pick colors that don’t go well together, it will make your logo difficult to read. You can avoid this problem by utilizing an online color palette maker. This will show you complementary colors so that you can be assured they go well together. Remember to keep your color use to two to three colors tops. Anything more just makes your logo hard to recall.

Get Professional Help

When you’re first starting, you may not want to splurge for the expense of paying a professional to design your logo. There are free logo generators out there. The problem is that other companies are using the cookie-cutter designs and can share your logo, just in a different color.

By paying a professional from the start, you can better craft a unique logo that you can be assured no one else has. Plus, a professional has experience in logo making so they’ll know all the basic design techniques that you likely don’t. Just think about your logo eight years from now and tons of customers later. Will you be proud of how it looks or wish you wouldn’t spend the money on a professional to do the job?

Top Reasons To Get A Business Logo

As you can see, there are many things you’ll need to consider when constructing a business logo. You may not be quite convinced at this point that you need one. The truth is that you do for all the reasons listed out below.

It Makes You Memorable

Most brands are well known for their logos over their company name. It’s because logos allow for a visual aid that people can remember. Do your business a big favor and get a logo so that your business can be memorable in the eyes of your consumers.

It’s Professional

Every big brand business out there has a logo. That’s just the truth. If you don’t have a logo, consumers can think that you’re not a professional business. You don’t want to be losing out on potential business all because you didn’t spend a few bucks to get a logo designed.

Connects Your Brand With Your Industry

Many businesses are named after the last name of their owners. This can create some confusion when customers are trying to figure out what your business is about. By having a logo with a hammer on it, they can identify that Smiths is actually a handyman repair service.

Creating a new logo for your business is a must from the very start. You want a way for customers to remember you and make yourself stand out from your competition.