These Posts About Tech Billionaires Might Change Your Future

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During the past decade we have seen amazing people do great things using the internet. So today we at the Born Realist decided to create some posts about how tech billionaires started their companies from scratch. Theses will make you realize that they were just people like you and me who did amazing things with technology and the resources they had available.

1. Jeff Bezos Founder of Amazon: Tech Billionaires

The Man who changed the shape of retail and turned into a large eCommerce market. Jeff Bezos is an example for everyone.

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2. Brian Acton Founder of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is an app that revolutionized texting. It changed the way people communicated with each other. Brian Acton is the man behind it and he sold the app to Facebook for $19 Billion.

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3. Larry Page and Sergey Brin Founders of Google:

The inventors of the world’s number 1 website and the world’s biggest search engine Google. This is how their journey started. Today they’re one of the world’s most famous tech billionaires.

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3. Travis Kalanick Founder of Uber: Tech Billionaires

Another success story comes from a simple problem that Travis Kalanick wanted to solve. This idea went so big that it exceeded his expectations. Another one of the most famous tech billionaires found in the silicon valley.

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4. Niklas Zennstrom Founder of Skype:

Not one of the world famous tech billionaires but he too created a remarkable solution that people around the world use for communication. Even today, Skype is one of the best means of communication used by millions of people.

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5. Max Levchin Founder of PayPal (Famous Entrepreneurs):

Although there are a lot of people who made PayPal a success. Max was the person who came up with the idea to use it for eBay. Another remarkable solution.

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6. Alexander Ljung and Forss Founders of SoundCloud: Tech Billionaires

Facebook certainly doesn’t allow people to upload music so something had to be done. Seeing this opportunity these 2 people created SoundCloud. Today it’s the largest music streaming service on the planet. They might not be very famous tech billionaires but their work is legendary!

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I hope these stories inspired you to create something amazing using the technology. Believe it or not but the time is NOW. Start working on that one idea that you believe can change the work. Who knows, maybe one day we might post your story.

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