Signs Your Man Is Using You Even When It Doesn’t Look Like

All women desires for a man who has the traits of being loyal and be understanding. A woman always seeks for a man who offers sincerity and is genuine in his love towards her. On contrary no women wants his man to be selfish or the kind of man who only thinks about himself. Sometimes women carried away or gets trapped by the flattery talk and gestures. Many important factors combine together such as generosity, love, kindness, sensitivity and empathy to make an woman believe that her man loves her genuinely. Though there are many women who are unfortunate enough to be with such a man that not only ridicule them but also prioritize themselves first. Some women get so blind in love that they can not differentiate between true and false emotions and they are willing to get abused by the man in a relationship. Now the question arises as to how do you know that you are not with such a man who is just using you for his pleasures? How do you really differentiate between a genuinely right man and a man who is not sincere with you? With the passage of time such men reveal their true colors and you should be vigilant enough to identify those men in life.

1. He doesn’t care about your emotions:

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Such men are always thinking about themselves and is really not concern with you or your emotions. It doesn’t matter for him if you are hurt or is not feeling well, all he cares about is himself. It would not bother him if you are hurt or upset by his behavior. Even if you try to tell him about your feelings he will manipulate you in such a way that you will feel that you shouldn’t be thinking along those lines.

2. He is financially dependent on you:

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A mature and grown man should never be someone’s else responsibility. He should be able to look after himself financially. If you feel like you are the only one who is stuck with the bill when you guys go out together, then it is the time that you reconsider your situation in the relationship. You already have much on your plate, and supporting a guy shouldn’t be one of them. Even if he is dependent on you for his bills being paid. purchasing groceries or in worst condition paying his rent, then it is much clear that he is relying on you financially. If he was a kind man he would never ask you for any kind of money. You should remember that, you earn money for yourself not some guy who is there to exploit you only.

3. He is always asking for favors:

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In any relationship it is important to help each other out in any matter of life when you need each other the most. Well support has to come from both sides and is not a one sided thing. If your man is always asking you for various favors and has no intention to return your favor, then you should know the he isn’t the right man for you. It is totally a one sided relationship. If you don’t have a man who goes out of his way and make you happy and do things for you that matters for you the most then you really need to think again about your partner. You need someone who will do anything possible for you and spend his love and kindness on you and would do same for you as he expects you to do as well.

4. He is not affectionate:

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Who doesn’t like to have an affectionate partner in life? If your man is not ready to kiss you, cuddle with you, or love you every now and then the there is no way that you can get him love you or show affection towards you. Women need to feel important and wanted from her man and if a man does not show any affection or not get too much involved with you then chances are that he is probably not into you.

5. He ignores you:

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If you are with a guy who ignores you all the time and is not available for you when you want to talk to him and want to be with you, the he is definitely using you for his own benefits. These kind of guys are cowards and has a fear of communicating with you as to how he feels about you. You definitely deserve someone who is always around you to comfort you. You just need to look for the signs that are right there in front of you and chose the best option for you.

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6. You don’t actually know him:

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If you are with the right person, you will automatically feel safe and comfortable around him. If you are with someone and you don’t really share a bond that goes beyond and physical bond the it is the time that you should ask yourself this question, does he really worth your time and energy? If not then it is fine sign that he is not interested in sharing a personal bond with you and you will live in a confused situation with him and won’t be able to know him for sure. If you want to have a solid relationship with your partner then it has to go beyond the superficial stuff.

7. He never takes you out:

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In any relationship both people share and cherish moments spent together, whether it is a date or movie night, the moments spent together matters the most. If such is not happening in your relationship and you do not often spend time together and are rarely together, it is right sign that either he do not want to be seen with you or all he wants is to not be with you in any situation.  This is the most unlikely situation to be with someone who is least honest with you and do not enjoy in your company.

8. You aren’t his one and only:

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If you have a suspicion about the guy you are with who is involved with more than one woman, then chances are that your gut feeling is always right. Not only he would be selfish but also inconsiderate towards you but he is a play boy of all times and has a bad repute among many people. He would not only taking advantage of you but he would definitely be manipulating other girls too. It is the best time to cut him lose from your relationship and move forward towards betterment.

9. You haven’t met his family and friends yet:

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If you are dating a guy for quite some time and you haven’t met his family or nay of his friends yet, NEWS FLASH! he doesn’t take you seriously and doesn’t plan to get much involve with you in future as well. If you are important to him, he will introduce you to his family and will feel proud to introduce you to his family and friends. You shouldn’t settle for someone who doesn’t bother to give you any importance and uses you for his own sake. you should understand your own worth and should be able to make him understand it as well.

10. He won’t talk about commitment:

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When you and your partner have been spending some time together you both have the right to ask each other, where does this relationship go in future? You shouldn’t have some confusions regarding asking each other the state of your relationship and if your guy hesitates to answer you such questions then he definitely not into you and runs away from the commitment which is essential for any relationship. If he doesn’t commit to you, he is up to no good.

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