Psychologists Claim This 5 Seconds Trick Will Determine If Your Partner Is Cheating

Even though most relationships seem picture perfect the fact is they are not. All couple has misunderstandings and fights they don’t want to talk about. Generally, the myth is the couple who fights a lot also loves a lot. But that is not true in most cases. Most people intentionally initiate fights in relationships to get out of that relationship.

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In this article language expert Phillip Adcock helps us identify signs that your partner is cheating on you. It’s not necessary that all of these signs are 100% true for your partner but you might identify a few of them in your partner over time. Here are some quick 5-second tricks that will help you catch your cheating partner before its too late.

9. Look Into The Details:

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An honest partner will fill you in with the details themselves. They’ll let you know where they are, with whom they are without you constantly texting to know about their whereabouts. However, a dishonest partner will focus more on the little details rather than the actual events to cover their lies. For example, a simple statement “I went to place A and then I went to place B” could simply be altered by adding a lot of minor details, Like; I went to place A then stopped at a store, from there I travelled in a cab and had dinner alone at place B”. By adding irrelevant details you partner is taking time to fabricate a well-structured story that can convince you of there actual whereabouts. Beware of such a partner who is only making a fool out of you.

8. Look Into Their Eyes:

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It is indeed a fact that a person lying to will avoid all possible eye contact with you. They will make sure they look everywhere else, except in your eyes. Notice when your partner is lying to you, they will look around or make themselves busy in another task and avoid looking directly into your eyes, because they fear they might have to tell the truth. Also, there are a few people who will look you straight into the eyes, to make sure you don’t catch them lying.

7. Volatile Breathing Patterns:

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Phillip Adcock says if you want to spot a cheater then focus on their breathing patterns. If a person is honest and telling the truth in the first place, their breathing pattern will remain normal and consistent. However, when a person is lying to you, you may notice slight changes and urgency in the way they breathe. The reason why their breathing suddenly changes is that they are trying to formulate words to feed you. Your partner is aware and conscious of their wrong deed, they know lying to you is wrong and they fear being caught in the act. Similarly, when a person fears being caught the flow of blood rushes in their body which is will significantly prove the blushed face.

6. The Hand Movements:

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Gestures play a big role in the way we communicate and interpret our thoughts. When a person is lying to you, you may notice them fidgeting with their hands. They might even try to cover their faces, scratch the back of their heads or cover their mouths. These are cues that your partner is trying to hide the truth from you. Also, clever people who know their gesture will outweigh them, try to throw in as many hand movements as possible. Remember a person moving their hands a lot while talking is showcasing fakeness and an insecure behavior pattern.

5. Sealed Lips:

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Before language could interpret meaning, we had facial expression do their work. An expression is known to be the window to a person’s soul. When you communicate with someone your expressions do 70% of the talking. If you want to spot your cheating partner, notice their expressions. If they appear confident but their face shows mixed expressions, inward eyebrows, and sealed lips, then they are probably lying to you.

4. Trust Your Gut Feeling:

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Apart from all the other cues, the strongest is your gut feeling. Your mind is the master of all other actions. If you strongly feel in your gut that something is fishy then that’s because it probably is. When your brain spots a liar it automatically sends a signal from your unconscious mind to your subconscious mind telling you to be aware of your cheating partner.

3. Wanting More Alone Time:

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It is important for a couple to do things they love together in a relationship, but lately, your partner offers to do things alone. “I’ll get the groceries myself”, “Hey! I need to spend some time alone with myself”. Chances are they are not spending that time alone but with a special someone that is, not you. At this time you need to open your eyes and realize your relationship is on the rocks and you need to start evaluating your choices.

2. Changed Routine:

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Ever noticed why your partner is acting strange and weird? That’s because they have something else on their mind. A sudden change in the routine and the daily chores is an indication that your partner is occupied somewhere else, and that something else has captivated their attention. At times you might want to question them about the sudden change in plans but the fact is they’ll come off quite rude and irritable to you. They’ll say you complain a lot and can’t mind your own business. The things that really adored about you, in the beginning, will now seem very annoying to them.

1. Hiding Away Their Phone:

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Some couples are really intimate and like sharing even the smallest things they share. However if your spouse starts hiding away their cell phone or keeps a lock on their phone, signs are they are trying to hide something from you. An honest partner has nothing to hide from their lover. They usually come off as an open book. They allow their partners to go through their messages and even reply to them. But a dishonest partner might be conscious all the time and never let you touch their phone.

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Article By: Born Realist