10 Everyday Actions That Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Older

We all are familiar that eating habits can really influence our body. It can make our skin look fresh or tired. Not your eating habits but your sleeping patterns and your overall lifestyle can affect your health. Your lifestyle can tell you very much about your current health status. Just keep looking over the small details.
Here are the 10 things you should avoid in order to look younger.

10) Sleeping Position:

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Your sleeping position is really fundamental thing that can lead you to age early.  Sleeping on tummy is not a smart choice at all. It can create tension to your muscle , makes your body heavy and can deteriorate blood supply. It can be resulted into heaviness and fatigue throughout the day. Dark circle and swelled face are great gifts that this sleeping position gives you.

What you should do instead is to terminate the habit of sleeping on the tummy. Try to sleep on the back and straight. Choose the right pillow which is comfortable for resting your neck.

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9)Not Using Sunglasses:

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To protect skin from intense UV rays should be the ultimate goal. Exposing to sun can damage your skin badly. It can easily get wrinkled and often uneven skin tone. This can make you look older enough and can lead to many skin problem. The area under eye is very sensitive to sun exposure. So try to wear glasses whenever you are going  outside.

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8) Eating Pattern:

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Are you feeding your stomach on unpleasantly heavy junk food or fresh vegetable? Your skin will tell it all. But your eating habit is also very essential in maintaining your skin freshness. How you chew or how you eat is really important. If you chew the food only from one side it can lead to asymmetry of facial muscles. When you chew from only one side than, one side will remain toned and other may get weak. It gets weak because you are not using it.
So try to maintain a balance while chewing the food.

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7)Holding The Phone:

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Many of you haven’t noticed that holding your phone is way big deal to make you look younger or older. Your holding position can affect your muscle. When you hold phone between your shoulder and ear, it puts unnecessary pressure. It can stiff your shoulder muscle. It will also resulted into neck wrinkles and sinking of cheek. In order to avoid it try to use ear phone instead of directly holding your phone to ear.

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6)Using A Tablet Or Smartphone:

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Whenever you are holding your tablet or smartphone, avoid looking down to screen. It can be resulted into neck fatigue and weak sight. It can also make your neck skin look flabby. So in order to avoid it, try  to keep your head upward and your tablet or phone in front of you 25 cm ahead.

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5)Leaning Your Chin On Your Head:

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It is really common to rest your hand on your chin while you are using computer or reading. This is not healthy at all. It will result into fatigued chin and neck. Your skin will appear less elastic and will result into wrinkle and premature aging. Try to rest your hand on table instead of leaning it on your face.

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Most people are subconsciously habitual of frowning. It can lead to poor facial expression and also inhibits proper blood flow. Frowning can lead to muscle and tension make it appear heavy and aged. Avoid the habit of frowning.

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3) Long Hot Shower:

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Hot shower is the best source of relaxing your self during winters. But too much hot shower for prolonged time can lead to dry skin and it can exfoliates your skin. It will eventually damage your skin and make it appear older.
So hot shower are great in cold winter but excess of it can cost you badly.

2)Using AC:

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Air conditioner can take the humidity out of the room. It can also stiff your muscle a lot. So avoid using AC . Try to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized all the time.

1)Your Pillow case:

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Selecting the pillowcase is really important for your skin health. Conventionally cotton cloth is suggested for pillow case. But it can bring you unwanted wrinkles. So try to use silk fabric. It will give you less friction during resting your face on pillow. It will further prevent you from having skin irritation.

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