Sean Matson is Innovating Military Products & Other Gear

Sean Matson is the CEO and co-founder of MATBOCK. Sean, a former Navy SEAL, and his team of former SEALS & other military members are working to revolutionise and innovate all kinds of products and gear; His company creates products that can be used by people in the military while at war, or simply just for hunting, camping or hiking.

How Successful is Sean Matson:

Sean describes himself as very successful; however, he views success in a different way than others. He explains his point of view by telling us that success is not a destination and hence, does not have an endpoint. He goes on to say that a homeless man who successfully gets himself a job is successful. He explains that having a goal in your mind and achieving it is a success.

He believes his successful transition from a career as a Navy SEAL spanning 13 years to a business owner is one of his most outstanding achievements. He also mentions his beautiful wife and declares their marriage a success as well.

What makes Sean & MATBOCK products unique?

Sean uses his own and his team’s experience in battle to help validate and successfully modify products. Instead of employing engineers, he uses the help of soldiers on the battlefield. This allows them to take their feedback and then change their products using their own experience.

They work to create and combine products to lower the overall weight. This results in better performance.

Has Sean faced any tragedies?

While Sean is not a man who dwells on life events, he says that he has not experienced anything people generally classified as a tragedy. He does mention that there have been some dark times in his life but says that these events have helped him learn.

He goes on to tell us how he has dealt with unemployment, divorce, vast amounts of debt, the loss of great friends and with the fear of losing his children.

However, Sean wishes to learn for this and believes that these events have made a better person. He believes in introspecting on the trails given to him by God and improving himself.

What are Sean’s hopes for MATBOCK?

MATBOCK is currently a holding company for four subsidiaries. Sean and his team started MATBOCK in 2010. Most of the products the company produced were for law enforcement and military, however, they have branched out and expanded since then. Sean hopes that MATBOCK will continue bringing innovative products to the world.

Words of Wisdom Sean Lives by:

Sean wishes to have three things written on his tombstone when he dies. Family, Work and Working out. He writes family because he wishes to teach his children the importance of being hardworking and dedicated. At the same time, he wishes to live a God-fearing life. He wishes to have Work written on his tombstone because he wishes to build an empire of companies which will change the world. And finally, he wishes to have working out written on his tombstone because he works out to improve himself, but also uses this time for self-reflection.

How is Sean making the world a better place:

Sean believes in working hard and staying positive all day. He also ensures that others are encouraged to improve themselves. He believes that the world always finds ways to challenge us, and we have to face whatever we get and learn from it. He hopes to instil these ideas in others by motivating them.