5 Best Productivity Mac Tools You Should Know 2023

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Macbooks are sophisticated gadgets. They have so much gadget panache that sometimes even the most basic utility apps are not functional on Mac. Therefore, while you must have bought your Mac at a steep price that broke your bank, there are certain tools that will escalate its usage.

From free fax app for mac to other productivity tools, these applications increase your Mac’s efficiency manifold. As Macs do tend to have a very inflexible compatibility with a bunch of apps, there are certain Mac tools that you ‘have to’ know about. 

  • CocoFax- The best online faxing service 

When even opening a zip file on Mac becomes a task requiring software installation, faxing seems to be something hard to achieve. Surprisingly, you can fax from a Mac in a totally remote and fax machine less way. All you need to do is to know about the faxing genie, CocoFax.

CocoFax offers an amazing option of sending and receiving faxes in a totally remote manner. If you have a Mac, you wouldn’t need a fax machine if you need to send out a fax. Further, you also don’t have to fret about a fax number as CocoFax will give you one free of cost.

Online faxing or efax is made so convenient with CocoFax on Mac that you do not have to engage in any sort of additional function. In just a few ways, you can attain the goal of faxing anywhere in the world online through CocoFax.

How to use CocoFax on Mac

The best part about usage of CocoFax is the flexibility it has to offer. There is no one plain rule of usage. It can be accessed on the web, or sent over through email. Below are the major ways in which you can have use CocoFax to send mail through Mac:

Web Browser 

You can access the web application of CocoFax on the inbuilt web browser of Mac. This browser is known as Safari and will almost instantaneously connect you with the web application of CocoFax.

Email from Mac

The other convenient method of using CocoFax on Mac is to send out an email with the fax. CocoFax is compatible with all major email giants like yahoo mail , gmail, outlook, etc. The paraphernalia of sending a fax through email is similar like sending out a mail.

The only point of differentiation here is that you need to use @cocofax.net at the end of the recipient fax number. Further, you need to attach the fax document as an attachment to the mail and not as the body of the email. 

If you do happen to insert a subject line and a body of email, it would appear as a cover note before the actual fax (attachment). So, you can safely avoid that part. 

The list of compatible document kinds is doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files. Irrespective of the file type attached, the fax will only be received as a pdf. The moment you hit send, the fax will be sent over to the stated recipient fax.

  • Magnet

This is a tool for creating an organized work space. Like your desk deserves some basic organization to get your work done in a quick and prompt manner, so does your desktop. Most of us end up with a desktop that is a vortex of floating documents. 

Magnet helps in cleaning and organizing the mess out and allows you to have four functional windows at the same time. So, you can give the app switching a rest and be your good multi tasking self. 

  • Flux

Working at night could take a toll on your eyes and your working efficiency due to the bad lighting. Flux is a good productivity tool that adjusts the color and brightness of your display according to the surrounding. 

It makes you feel less tiresome as your Mac color and brightness setting would be automated to a very compatible version. It would ensure that lesser harm is done to your eyes and your functions are seamlessBear and tireless.

  • Bear

This productivity tool allows you to take beautiful and noteworthy notes. Making notes is an art and some of us lose focus on the notes because it ends up looking quite shabby. It is not the case with Bear.

With the help of Bear, it is very easy to put your notes down beautifully and even categorize them in accordance. You do not have to rely on plain texts when you can organize your thoughts into immensely beautiful notes. 

  • 1Password

We forget passwords like we forget anniversaries and birthdays. While there are apps that can still remind us of the occasions we are forgetting, what happens with the forgotten passwords. Yes, making a new password can be tiresome when done so perennially. 

Noting your passwords down physically makes your gadgets and accounts vulnerable to thefts. For hassles like these, 1password is the perfect solution. All you need to do is save your passwords and login to the websites with a single click. 

It can also assist you in creating unique and undecipherable passwords. It could be your very own password haven where you wouldn’t need to worry about any password or account leakage. 


Mac is futuristic in its design and has a lot of scope compared to other gadgets. People who use Mac find themselves unable to work on any other machine. Therefore, with imminent solutions for everyday problems like free fax apps for Mac, the productivity graph of Mac increases. 

Therefore, your Mac is incomplete in its holistic productivity if it does not possess the eccentricities like CocoFax offers an amazing option. So, make your Mac holistic with the powerful productivity tools that it has in place.

All these would not only just escalate your functions but would also allow you to be more productive in almost every aspect of your performance. The tools would give your Mac the communication and operational finesse it deserves.