Here Are Some Pictures That Prove Dog Paw Prints Make The Most Pawesome Tattoos Ever

If you own a dog only then you will understand the amount of attachment which can be built between a pup and human beings. Dog paws made for the most awesome tattoos. If you haven’t seen that before, have a look:

22. Luna:

Image Credits: Manni- Tattoo artist- Bodyart Remscheid

Such stunning tattoo this dog’s paw gave.

21. One For Each Foot:

Image Credits: Lajennitattoo

Two paws for two legs each.

20. Beautiful Paw:

Image Credits: Sarahink

This dog has got such a beautiful paw.

19. White Paw:

Image Credits:   lisa_tattoo_

We bet you haven’t seen such a gorgeous tattoo before.

18. Colorful Tattoo:

Image Credits: Jackie Adamski

Dogs also help in making colorful paws.

17. Three In One:

Image Credits: kaylaharren

This dog help in making three tattoos in one go.

16. Insect Or A Dog?:

Image Credits:_tsites_

This tattoo looks more like an insect but it is a dog paw’s tattoo in reality.

15. Blue Or Pink?:

Image Credits: valeria kovacks

Blue or pink whatever color you like. Dog’s paw makes for the most beautiful tattoo in your desired color.

14. Shoulder:

Image Credits: lizrussy

It does not matter where you want the tattoo. It will look the same beautiful irrespective of the place.

13. 2 In 1:

Image Credits: Javi wolf

A lot of men get dog paw tattoo on their chest and on their back, they all look amazing.

12. Paper Tattoo:

 Image Credits: create_tattoo

Dog tattoo can be acquired by having its print on a piece of paper.

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11. Blue Or Purple:

Image Credits: elinadraws

Blue or purple whatever color you may like.

10. Shiloh:

Image Credits: b_and_t_smith_peeakabootattoo

This tattoo seems too beautiful to be real, right? But this is for real.

9. Face Shaped Tattoo:

Image Credits: youngbodyart

This tattoo has a complete face of a dog imprinted it. Amazing piece of art, is not it?

8. Cutest Pup:

Image Credits: jenniferkerry92

Is not this pup the cutest? Yes, right? And so is it’s tattoo.

7. Paw Imprints:

Image Credits: nikky1178

Just look at the imprints of this dog.

6. Don’t Leave Me Alone:

Image Credits: diesel_the_pup

It looks like as the dog is saying do not leave me alone. And it’s such a cute sight to behold and the tattoo it gave is stunning too.

5. Tattoo On A Leg:

Image Credits: _inklead_

You must have seen tattoos on legs of people but a dog tattoo on a leg is one of a kind.

4. Ink Tattoo?:

Image Credits: Gordon Sparks

This tattoo is made with the help of a dog’s paw soaked in the ink.

3. Tattoo On A Tattoo:

Image Credits: eefsam

Dog tattoo’s look beautiful on another tattoo as well. If you have a doubt have a look.

2. Blue Tattoo:

Image Credits: little john’s tattoo

This gorgeous tattoo can be attained with the help of a dog paw soaked in the blue ink.

1. Black And White:

Image Credits: tattoomagz

This picture might be black and white but the tattoo is beyond one’s imagination.

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Article By: Born Realist