Here Are 11 Ways to Manipulate a Narcissist

A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. Is the universally accepted narcissist definition.

We are surrounded by lots of people in our lives. Each with different personalities and each having something positive or negative about them. Some of them, without our knowledge we befriend or fall in love with someone who has narcissistic traits.

Sometimes, without really knowing it, we come across a Narcissist and then later become confused when he or she tries manipulating us. Sometimes the person these narcissistic traits is very close to us and we find ourselves in a narcissistic relationship. At times, someone in our family is showing signs of narcissism and we have no idea how to be sure. 

Narracistic people are known to damage a person’s mental well being and their presence in a person’s life is always toxic. Do you feel like you have a person in your life who has narcissistic traits? Well then take the Narrcasit test below and compare our points with the behavior of your suspected narcissist! You can never be too careful around someone who is showing signs of narcissism.

Let us know if the person that’s been bothering you is actually a narcissist below!

1. Triangulation: Ways to Manipulate a Narcissist

Narcissistic Manipulation

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One sure sign of narcissism is thinking that you are always correct and can never be wrong.

If the toxic person around you, who you believe may have narcissistic traits, keeps trying to convince you that he or she is always right and you are always wrong then it may be possible that you are in a narcissistic relationship.

So, on our narcissistic test, never agreeing to be at fault is the first sure trait a narcissist is bound to have. 

You may have observed that during an argument if they feel like they are losing, they will bring in a third person into the conversation. So, you definitely need to take a narcissistic test.

But they will bring in a person who is certain to look at things from their point of view. That way you will be outnumbered and won’t be able to defend your point the way you would have in a normal one on one conversation.

This tactic is called triangulation.  Our narcissistic test places it number one on the list of the signs of narcissism. 

This is an unfair tactic and people with Narcissistic traits are often seen doing something of the sort to gain the inner satisfaction they receive when proving someone wrong.

However, it is important to understand that there will be times when you are wrong and someone else is right, believing in something strongly and then having the support and facts to prove you wrong in a conversation doesn’t automatically make someone a narcissist, and it doesn’t prove that they have narcissistic traits. 

Which is why we have other points in our narcissistic test that will help you make a better evaluation.

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2. Devaluing: Narcissistic Manipulation

Narcissistic Manipulation signs

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One of the biggest and prominent narcissistic traits is that a narcissist is bound to try to annoy you and make you angry! In fact, you could even say that annoying is one of the top narcissistic synonyms!

 Narcissists have a way of getting under your skin.

They get to know you personally, all your strengths and weaknesses and then they use the information they gather to put you down.

They are known to subtly hint at your inadequacies to make you feel lesser than them. Hence we’ve placed this key sign of narcissism in our narcissistic test.

In order to make themselves look better, they will use this narcissistic tactic to make you feel bad and that will, in turn, make them feel great about themselves. You should be beware of anyone who highlights your past mistakes for the sole purpose of making you feel guilty.

However, if you stand up for yourself and point out their inadequacies instead, it will the narcissist angry and will end up disarming the narcissist. 

3. Aggression: Narcissistic Manipulation:

signs of Narcissistic Manipulation

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Research has shown that people with narcissistic test tend to be more aggressive than normal people. Our next point, that signified narcissism in our narcissist test is aggression. 

The aggression could be in any form, verbal, physical or emotional.

Whereas physical aggression is easy to identify and escape, emotional aggression is hard to spot and usually has consequences that are very severe. People who are in toxic relationships tend usually can observe aggression in what can be defined as a narcissistic relationship pattern.

If you feel like a person is trying to control you and is becoming aggressive in any way, it is best to distance yourself from them. If someone has ever shown you signs of physical aggression previously avoid being alone with them.

If you are wondering how to deal with a narcissist who is showing aggression then you should know that is important to stand up to a person who does so. Take people who care about you in confidence and end the relationship if you suspect narcissism in your partner.

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4. Shaming: Narcissistic Manipulation

elements of Narcissistic Manipulation

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Shaming is the next point in our narcissistic test.

A narcissist is very likely to shame you for things that aren’t under your control.

Another tactic that narcissists use to gain power over you is by making you feel ashamed of something about yourself. So, you definitely need to take a narcissistic test.

They can shame you on your appearance, education or social standing to shatter your self-confidence. Beware of anyone whose company makes you feel like you are inferior to them.

5. Playing The Victim Card: Narcissistic Manipulation

Narcissistic womens

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None of us wants to look like the bad guy and a narcissist will exploit that.

Hence, the next blaring sign that we’ve listed out in our narcissistic test of narcissism is manipulation and playing the victim. 

They will play the victim card to make you feel like you are the one who is manipulating them and you will end up with you consoling them or apologizing for something that was not even your fault.

Instead of owning up to their mistakes, they will act like you are the one at fault.

They will force you into believing that you are a bad person and soon everything will end up falling in place, just the way they wanted in the first place.

So, watch out for someone who somehow ends up becoming the victim in every situation.

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6. Inappropriate Behavior: Narcissistic Manipulation

ways of Narcissistic Manipulation

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The sixth thing that a person with narcissistic traits are bound to have in his personality and is that he or she has no idea how to behave in a situation. 

They lack the appropriate skills as well as the empathy needed to measure and analyze a situation and act accordingly. Which is why playing the victim has been placed on our narcissistic test.

 You can not expect a narcissistic person to behave appropriately in every situation.

Or any for that matter!

If you are expecting that they would behave rationally in a situation then you are absolutely wrong. In a fight or during a quarrel they will scream at the top of their lungs and won’t think twice before saying something that can hurt you or harm you. So, you definitely need to take a narcissistic test.

You will be surprised about the extent the narcissist is willing to go to get their way.

7. Monopolizing The Conversation: Narcissistic Manipulation

11 ways of Narcissistic Manipulation

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Narcissists like to be the center of attention.

This is the next very important point that you need to be mindful of in our narcissist test, the toxic person in your life who may be showing these tendencies is bound to be an attention seeker. 

They can be quite self-obsessed and believe only what they have to say is worth listening to.

During a discussion, they will keep bringing the conversation back to them and will keep steering the conversation away from you.

More often than not they won’t be listening to what you have to say and will cut you off in the middle of your sentence, however they will not tolerate if someone does the same to them.

If while talking to the certain person you suspect is a narcissist, the conversations seem too one-sided then it is probably safe to say that he or she has narcissistic traits and that you are in a narcissistic relationship. 

Disarming the narcissist might not be easy, because they are very self-assured and certain about themselves, but try to talk back and take a stand if things become difficult for you. You don’t have to take their narcissism lying down and have the power within you to end a relationship of the sort. So,you definitely need to take a narcissistic test.

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8. Projecting: Narcissistic Manipulation

Narcissistic Manipulation elements

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The next point on our narcissit test is projection. A narcsisst is very likely to project his or her on to you.

Projection is something we all do.

Sometimes when we are accused of something or are in a pickle we like to shift the blame to other people and project our anger at them.

However, this happens once in a blue moon but a narcissist is very likely to use this very often in order to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions.

If you confront them about something they will probably turn the conversation around to you and your shortcomings instead of admitting what they did or trying to fix it.

9. Brainwashing: Narcissistic Manipulation

brainwashing of Narcissistic Manipulation

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A person showing narcissistic traits is very likely to try to brainwash you. 

However, if this is happening to you, then you may not be able to identify it. So, you definitely need to take a narcissistic test. We have established in the past points of our narcissist test that narcissists tend to be quite manipulative and sometimes you will find yourself doing something for them that you do not want to do.

Try to be mindful of this, you have your own life and your own thoughts, after all, don’t give the steering wheel away to anyone, and be especially mindful of narcissists.

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10. Gas-lighting: Narcissistic Manipulation

gas lighting of Narcissistic Manipulation

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Gaslighting is a manipulative tool, used by narcissists to make you doubt and question your memory, perception, and sanity. We’ve kept this in our narcissist test to let you know how dangerous narcissist can truly be. 

They can do this in many ways, they might say something to you and later when you bring it up, they will completely deny ever saying anything of the sort and will try to convince you that you imagined it in your head.

To gain power over you they will make you question your reality and you will end up believing that you’re just imaging all your paranoia.

This is a very common technique used by abusers, dictators, and narcissists and you should be careful if you feel like someone is making you feel this way.

11. Verbal Aggression: Narcissistic Manipulation

verbal aggression in the list of Narcissistic Manipulation

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Alongside physical intimidation, narcissists can be verbally aggressive too.

They can intimidate you by being loud and hostile, making you feel fearful.

The best way to deal with a narcissist with this kind of behavior is to not let on that their behavior is scaring you in any way.

Stay strong in the face of bullying.

Stay composed while refusing to talk to them until they change their tone. Their purpose is to intimidate you and if you show them you are unperturbed by their attitude, they will stop treating you that way.

Look out for anyone who displays this behavior and get out of the relationship if you feel like your partner is showing signs of narcissism.

If you find someone using these techniques on you or anyone you know, stay away from them and if you can not completely avoid them, be extra careful while dealing with them and do not let down your guard while you’re around them.

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