Here Are 15 Reasons That Prove Women Are Bigger Hypocrites Than Men

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Even in this modern era, where numerous things are changing so fast the inequality between the genders remains unchanged. This is a very controversial topic which a lot of people are either uncomfortable or not interested in talking about. Well, there are a lot of people around us who are not willing to bring the much-needed change in this zone. It is a fact that no one is perfect in today’s world and a lot of people are trying their level best to make things improve in a good way but there are many people who are not up to the mark yet. Inequality between genders has become a global problem. The women are not equal to men and this inequality has created a gap between the genders due to which women turned into hypocrites. Women experience oppression and competition throughout their lives due to which they are unable to support one another, they keep on competing each other, they hardly have supportive nature. And in the end they become hypocrites.  There are few reasons which prove that women are generally bigger hypocrites than men:

15. Ganging Up With Each Other:

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Women seem quite familiar with the phrase “start them young.” From the beginning, they are taught that you are the princess of the world. Instead of being familiar with the equality thing they are taught that there is no one like them. They are taught to appreciate each other only. Once they are enrolled in school, they find like minded girls and start ganging up with them. And the main topic of their conversation is that they are better than others.

14. They Love Creating Drama:

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Usually, a lot of people try to avoid indulging into fights but there are some people out there who love to jump into the fights. At times there are no conflicts or bigger issues which leads to arguments but looks like some women do not like peace. Even there are some women who do not have any role to play in a fight, they get themselves involved in it just for the sake of fun. This is what makes them different from men.

13. Love Criticism:

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It is a fact that everyone is entitled to give their opinion. But at times there are some opinions which certain women have regarding other women which are not so welcoming or appreciated. You have all the rights to say whatever you want if you like something but if you do not like anything there is no need to criticize everything so harshly. However, some women do not seem to understand this thing. They just love criticizing each and everything for no good reason.

12. Labelling And Giving Names:

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Nowadays rumors can be started so easily with all the social media madness prevailing everywhere. People and specifically women start to believe them way too early. And they do not even stop there. They carry on the nonsense discussion and even call out names to the men and start blaming them for all the faults without even knowing the reality.

11. Scrutinize Parenting Methods:

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Motherhood is a very tough job. Raising children is not a piece of cake. Women are so critical at times that they love to scrutinize everything. Even they do not even leave the women’s parenting methods. They criticize every single thing.

10. Love Aggressive Fights:

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It is not a productive thing to get your feet into aggressive fights. Most of the women like to stay at a distance from all the issues but some women love to get involved in aggressive fights.

9. Throwing Shade:

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Throwing shade means to talk trash about some friend or even acquaintance. Some women love to do that. They love to criticize everything and everyone. And they do not even leave their friends at times.

8. Cruel For No Good Reason:

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Being a cruel person is not a good thing for anyone. But at times women are cruel with other women and people for no good reason.

7. Constant Comparison:

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In today’s world, where everyone is chanting for equal rights for everybody. Some women do not seem very much happy with this concept. Some women just can’t handle the fact that there are other women who are better than them in all aspects of life. There are women who can look equally good as them but they just love comparing their things and traits with other fellow women.

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6. Affection Of Same Man:

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It is completely a natural thing for people to have things common with other people. It is generally very difficult for women to happily co-exist. And sometimes things get more steamy when women are in love with the same man. And when this happens some women love to put other women down by any means.

5. Do Not Want To Be Judged But Love To Judge Others:

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Accepting your flaws is a big deal. And lots of women do have the tendency to accept it. They do not want others to talk or pinpoint anything bad in them but they themselves do the same wholeheartedly. This is such a big sign of a hypocrite person.

4. Love Blaming Others:

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All people make mistakes, it is a very common thing. But there are some women who love to put all the blame on others. They do not even pay attention in knowing the root cause of something and start blaming other women.

3. Never Help Out Others:

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Women very happily love to talk about solidarity and togetherness but when the time comes to help others out they love to step back. They are never welcoming towards helping and solving others problems.

2. Body Shaming:

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Body shaming is as bad as committing a sin. You have got no right to comment on other people body types. Everyone has a unique body shape and style. But some women love to criticize other women for their body types. They forget about their own physic and start giving names to other women for their body.

1. Talking Behind Each Other Back:

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Talking behind other people’s back is never a good thing to do. But some women have this thing in them that they cannot live without talking about others. This is a thing which a hypocrite person loves to do. And as some women love doing this they are no doubt more of a hypocrite then men.

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Article By: Born Realist