Life is not really complicated, we’ve made it

“Doing the stuff that makes you smile is what life is all about” – Siddharth Sharma

I am not going to show my philosophical side here to anyone, but surely enlighten you why life isn’t really complicated. For me, people with a fake smile are more dangerous than haters with angry looks. Does it sound relevant to you? If not, then it means you have already started creating your life complicated or you’re on towards it. Life is not about what others are saying about you and if you are just worried about others, then when you’ll discover yourself into this beautiful world. You could be successful or may not, but if you are focusing on “others” then you will end up discovering the fake of your personality.

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God has given all of us unique qualities from everyone and all we need is to discover them. Are we really doing that? Not really. I don’t think that majority of the people in this world are living by doing what they truly want to do. Why so? Because we have ended our own character in doing what the society asks us for or for any other reason. So, does it mean that we’ll never be able to live our life in a manner we wished in our dreams? I am no one to answer this important question of your life as I don’t want to create any personal relationships with you. But there’s one solution to talk about this issue. I’ll share with you what I had done when this happened with me and then, you may get any information from my experiences, which is purely for you to follow or not.

Some months ago, I was doing a job that wasn’t bringing anything out of me. I was doing it just to earn money and especially to look busy. It helped in learning how to spend your working hours by doing nothing. Sometimes I cried just because I wasn’t learning anything new and contrary to it, sometimes I smiled because I was doing some stuff in my life without using my mind. So, I had two choices in front of me, either carry on with what I was doing without developing myself for whole my life or to choose what something that takes all of me in doing what I could serve with my whole heart. I selected the second option, which was also a way to make my life complicated-free and I want to clear all of you that when I selected the option I wasn’t aware that it would make my life easy. So, if you ever feel terrified in choosing the path of your life that means you are going right, just focus on choosing the path with full heart.

We all are a special children of God. If the creator (God) never discriminated in giving us the fit body, mind, good living style or basic needs like Home, family, food etc, then why are we discriminating on ourselves? Life is calling to all of us, but some are busy in listening to those who are not even going to either pay your bills or stand by you. I don’t want to sound rude, but if anyone ever tells you to do something just because they have done the same or haven’t (for a reason), then just say one thing to them that ‘It’s nice whatever you have done or missed it, but I’ll only do what my heart tells me to do so’. There’s nothing bad in listening to people, but when you’re applying their lifestyles, experiences, beliefs, opinions and advice into your life, then you would never be able to discover all of it on your own. The best part of life is that it gives you your very own good and bad experiences, so let’s start doing anything you want to accomplish on your own.

I know very well that life isn’t as easy as ordering a burger, but it’s clearly not more complex than using an ATM machine. For the new users, it’s tricky to withdraw cash from the ATM machine, whereas who knows how to withdraw the cash from it will tell you that there’s no rocket science to it. Live your life with full heart and do what you love the most. Run for your dreams, walk for your dreams, crawl for your dreams. Do anything that you are comfortable with. Keep trying and never give up. Things will definitely change.

“People who judge are temporary, but people who love could become permanent. Just work hard and become Doers.”

– This article is written by Sid Sharma