This African brand has everything you need for spring

Some significant development has taken place in the African fashion industry over the last five years. The first of these has to do with the perception: African Fabrics and Fashion are no longer seen by western audiences and buyers solely as “Traditional wear“.

Yet another has been growing number of fashion designers who showcase their work.

Nonetheless, marketing on global scale remains something of a stumbling block for most African brand. That and International distribution. Western fashion brands do not rely entirely on their local markets, and African designers shouldn’t have to either.

This is where International Clothing Brand Meldimm Couture (M.M.C) thinks it can make a difference: by preparing African designs to work promoting Africa’s beauty, culture and diversity.

Meldimm Couture (M.M.C)

Meldimm Couture is promoting Africa’s beauty. culture, and diversity through the best way would be fashion and that’s because the African fabrics from which their outfits are made do have the mentioned characteristics because behind every African fabric or textile is history, culture, beauty, and creativity.

As a result of these qualities they do feel African should be at the top of International Fashion Industry, so in other words while they are promoting Africa’s beauty, culture, and diversity via fashion they are also trying to put African Fashion at the top of International Fashion Industry.

They believe in handmade products with 100% quality from the locals of different African nations like  Ghana(Kente/Kinta), Nigeria(Aso-Oke), and Mozambique(Capulana).

They offers a variety of clothes for the season of “Spring” for Ladies and Gents:

Bomber Jackets:

Bomber jackets are made from African fabric which comes from Ghana as known as Ankara(African Wax Prints). Thethe Bomber Jacket is quite weighty, in other words it’s worth every penny which is not so common for a jacket made from African Fabrics because most of African fabrics are light. The color of the fabrics don’t fade away when they’re dry cleaned as they promised for 100% quality.

Knot-up top for Women:

Knot-up tops are made from African fabric Dashiki which is a colorful garment widely worn in Africa.It covers the top part of the body.The Dashiki word is derived from Hausa word ʼdan ciki, which means shirt.

Woodin Inspired Shirts for Men :

For that sophisticated look of elegance these genuine African fabrics are truly one of a kind. Each garment is hand tailored with the highest quality African fabric. Comfortable and stylish.

Chukwumerela Sampson (Creative Director) said:

“M.M.C is more than just a brand it’s an African StyleLife”


Well, their service has been launched and they have a decent success rate in Cyprus because that’s where they began, but these days they are improving themselves and want to be recognized all around the world as a Brand “Meldimm Couture(M.M.C)“.

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Creative director; Chukwumerela Sampson Instagram : @stev_jnr

– The article was written by M.Talha Khan-