11 Things You Need To Experience Before You Turn 30

Turning 30 means taking everything seriously. No more acting like an over grown child. For some people turning 30 can be like turning to crisis because they know that they can’t act like carefree birds anymore and that it’s time to take everything seriously. With this urge of responsibility comes the panic of living their life to the fullest. Did they have enough life experiences when they had the chance? Here we have a list of all the things you should do before turning 30.

11. Find a Hobby:

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Playing video games, painting, model making, knitting or just watching TV, find a hobby that would totally serve you the purpose of personal satisfaction and pleasure. When you are tired and just want some personal time, your hobby will give you that peace of mind you might be looking for.

10. Travel Foreign Land:

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Before you start your life or get serious about your career, at least once visit a foreign country. It will give you new life experiences, new lessons and change your perspective of things more than you can think of. Travelling changes a person and it will change you too.

9. Save Money:

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You don’t have much expenditure right now, even if your earning is low, you can still save a small amount of money. Saving now will give you a sense of responsibility and it will be easier to manage money and save up in your 30’s for life experiences when things get tough because you’ll already know how to save up money.

8. Spend Time with Friends and Family:

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You might be busy right now in giving your life a kick start getting new life experiences but in doing so, don’t forget about your family and friends. Once you get distant, it would be hard to fill the gap later in life and trust me, you do need your friends and family with you during your rise because they’ll be the ones to help you rise again after your fall.

7. Get out of your Comfort Zone:

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Do things that you think aren’t meant for you. Things that might make you uncomfortable or even scare you but how can you be sure if you have never tried it before? So take the plunge and go sky dive, eat that sushi, go to that concert or go on that road trip across country. Anything you’ll do will just add up into the adventure of your life experiences.

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6. Get into your Family’s Ancestry:

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You still have time to get in touch with your roots, know about your family’s ancestry, you never know what interesting facts and connections you might find. Getting to know your family better would change your perspective and give you new life experiences.

5. Go to that Restraunt you always wanted to try:

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You might be waiting for that special day or to have enough money to easily spend on that high end restaurant you always wanted to visit. Make it your goal and visit that place now. Experience that dinning style, the exclusive dishes and that special treatment. Why wait for it?

4. Learn Cooking:

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You cannot spend your entire youth on ramen or take away. Learn cooking as homemade meals are healthy and they can help you connect more with your family and friends if you cook food for them. It will also add up to your life experiences and give you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Travel Alone:

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Travelling alone will wake your survival skills up. You will have more life experiences from the adventures, hardships and struggles of traveling alone than you could ever learn in your entire 20’s.

2. Develop Healthy Habits:

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Earlier you start caring for your health, it would get better for your later life. How you spend your youth will affect your body in the long run so exercise, eat healthy and get fresh air.

1. Read Books by your Favourite Author:

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Reading books expands your horizon and increases your imagination and creativity. Books take you to another world, another adventure while sitting right there on your couch. Spend your free time reading books by your favorite authors, as it will help you grow as a person and give you life experiences you could only think of.

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Article by Born Realist