Why Just Dreaming of Success Won’t Get you Anywhere

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You often hear businessmen or marketers telling tales of their success. How a new marketing technique or a business development got them all the fame and success. What they don’t tell you is that none of it is easy. These techniques and theories are as ancient as the business itself and easily available in every marketing book.

“Vision is the spectacular that inspires us to carry out the mundane” – Chris Widener

The one key element that adjoins all the parts together is hard work. Hoping and wishing, and waiting for a miracle won’t make things happen for you. You have to get out there, in the real world and make things happen for themselves. There are dozens of motivational speakers claiming that success is all about a person’s attitude and the right behavior. They might be true to some extent but it is useless until combined with hard work, determination and a strong will of achieving it. We here at Born Realist strongly believe that success comes to the doers, not the dreamers.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve success and not just dream about it;

Don’t be Afraid to Fail:

Failure is a part of the journey. People in our society have become so opposed to failure that they do not want to try or even compete from the fear of failing. Surviving in a fast moving business world is no child’s play; it takes a lot of courage and strong will to continue working in the exciting and happening business field. You should not be afraid to ask questions or try new opportunities. Knock on new doors and explore your field. The more you intervene the more knowledge you attain. If you keep giving up because you fear to fail you might feel paralyzed in your own body and never be able to move forward in life.

No one knows everything, business professionals respect employees who inquire and question everything. I agree failing is no fun, but every time you fail, you learn something new, every time you get rejected, you uncover a part of yourself. Every defeat comes with a lesson.

Be Creative:

Creative people are unique individuals. Creativity is their superpower. However, most creative people are unaware of their superpowers. The right amount of skills, and knowledge is all they need and they can perform wonders. Explore new things, challenge yourself and take risks. Force your brain to think different and see every situation from a different perspective. Your creativity will help you produce new ideas, ideas that are unique and can be changed into mega business plans. Creative people are the doers. A 9 to 5 job is a big no for them. They dislike following routines and coping up with a plan. These people like to color outside the lines. In order to avoid being bossed around all day, they will come up with new ideas, techniques, and shortcuts. They have a clear vision of themselves and know what they want to achieve.

Take Risks:

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A great lot of people consider risk taking negatively. Some risks might not pay off, but other will definitely turn out good. Taking risks will help you achieve success rather than failure.

A person who takes more risks has leverage over those who don’t it makes them stand out from the crowd and depicts a confident personality. People who take risks are often regarded leaders in the business world. Also beyond the risk taking and confidence building process, it helps you understand your own potential and learn new lessons.

All the successful people in the world did not achieve their dreams by playing it safe. They took risks and faced the challenges. Taking risks every now and then opens new possibilities for you that you still have to explore.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”- Helen Keller

Getting Started:

I often wonder what holds people back from achieving their dreams. Surprisingly most people blamed it all on the lack of time or lack of money. Most of them people know their direction, they have a vague idea of them achieving their dream but they don’t know how to get started.

Honestly speaking, I believe money is an important tool for the functionality of a business, however, do not let it money own you or your business. The money will help you in the long process of becoming successful but make sure you don’t let greed take over you.  If you solely rely on achieving success through money, then let me break it to you; money will only slower your process of reaching your goals than increasing it.

Set Realistic Goals:

While some people might get carried away, it is important to set realistic goals, Goals that are worth fighting for. It is a big world, you need to stay aware and open your ears, eyes, and heart to every new opportunity that you can avail. We all have bizarre dreams, but that does not mean you give up. You don’t need to abandon your dreams, in fact, work on it, and modify your dreams to match reality. You might undercover new dreams in this process.

Understanding Your True Passion:

“If passion drives you, let reasons hold the reins”- Benjamin Franklin

While working on your skills and talents it is equally necessary to work on your weaknesses in the process, so that they don’t interfere with your success as you build your career. It is important you sit back and ponder on your ideas and thoughts. Vague ideas can be a loss of time, wisdom and resources. Explore your field of interest and strategize how your strengths can stand up against your competitors’.

I’ve come across people who are interested in getting a job title but not the actual job. These people are not passionate about their dreams. It’s perfectly normal being passionate about something but not having the urge to pursue it. But it is crucial that you try and try again to work on your dream before it’s too late.


Every profession has its own steps for success. It is necessary to evaluate the hurdles that lie before you and effectively encounter them step by step. Don’t let a few bad experiences stop you from moving forward. Learn from them and continuously strive for excellence. Every person has a different motivating factor. For some, it could be a movie, an inspiring spouse, or some golden words of wisdom that keeps them moving. Knowing the reason for achieving your goals will help you navigate in a direction. This also helps you in your decision making.

When people see you perform, they only get a glimpse of your talent. They see a photograph, hear a song, or observe a carefully molded sculpture. It is important to influence their view as much as possible. This also helps you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

“Be so good, they can’t ignore you.”- Steve Martin

Alina Edward is a full-time content writer with over 10+ years of experience. Her keen eye for topics such as business, finance and marketing makes her content extremely valuable for the readers. She has written over 100+ eBooks, SEO-optimized blogs, and over 80 YouTube scripts.