This Is What Happens To Your Body After Breakup

A breakup is a separation between two people who were in a relationship. People get into relationships when they want to be together or are in love. But at times the love suddenly disappears and the people who used to stay together or wanted to be together until the end start hating each other. A breakup is always heartbreaking and heart-wrenching. Some of the changes that happen in your body after a breakup are given below:

11. Existential Crisis:

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Existential crisis is a state of a human being in which he wants to just die. In that phase, a man questions the foundation of his existence. He questions himself whether his life has got a purpose or not. He feels his life is worthless.

10. Depression:

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Depression is a disease in which a man feels sad all the times. When you are depressed you don’t control your thoughts, your thoughts control you. Depression is like a war, you either win that battle or you lose in it miserably. A breakup makes a man feel depressed. He feels lost all the mind and his peace of mind is lost.

9. Hair Loss:

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Hair loss is a very common thing which occurs after a breakup. Hair loss occurs because of tension which is going on in a person’s mind. That tension takes away all the peace and positive things which usually comes in a normal person’s mind. And because of all those tensions hair loss occurs in a man.

8. Weight Gain:

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Weight gain is also a very common issue which is seen in the individuals who get through the stress of the breakup. Man eats a lot or does not eat at all. There are different kind of things and emotions which go inside him. And as a result, a man who has suffered the loss of breakup gains weight unintentionally.

7. Sleep Deprived:

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When there is tension around, no one is able to sleep properly. And the tension of breakup is the worst of all. A man isn’t able to sleep at a time or is not able to sleep at all. This way his body does not feel good or healthy.

6. Pain In The Chest:

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Pain in the chest is a condition in which a man feels a kind of heartache. He does not feel all at peace. Something seems missing in him. He feels like as if the pain is killing him from inside and he does not want to get up and do anything.

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5. Anxiety Attacks:

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Anxiety attacks are like panic attacks. A person after a severe breakup feels a lot of anxiety. He does not feel satisfied. He is not able to feel contentment. At one time or the other, he feels sort of attack in his body. And that attack kills his all happiness.

4. Physically Feeble:

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After a breakup, you don’t want to eat anything. And that results in making a man physically weak. You are just lying around at one place or the other. And do not want to eat anything and this results in making you physically feeble after a sad breakup.

3. Skin Issues:

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A breakup also causes issues of skin in a person. Skin issues occur because you don’t want to take care of your health as well as skin. And that often ends up in creating acne issues and a lot of similar sort of problems.

2. Loss of Appetite:

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Loss of appetite occurs when a person is sad. He does not want to get up from his bed and do anything including eating up. A happy person usually likes to feed himself and after a breakup, he loses all his appetite.

1. Muscle Pain:

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Muscle pain and spasms in the muscles often occur. At times muscles also get contracted. This results in a lot of pain in your muscles. When a man is sad, he is prone of getting more injuries.

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