How to Pick the Right Nootropics For Your Nutrition

It seems that almost overnight nootropics have gained massive popularity among a huge subset of the population. Everybody, from shift workers to students to athletes, has begun to seek out these chemicals for their physical and mental benefits.

Naturally, these substances aren’t free, so you’ll have to look for a suitable vendor to purchase them from. Whenever there’s a craze of any kind, there will be many unscrupulous vendors out there looking to make a quick buck without much care for the actual quality of their product. Supplement purchasing has been notoriously dodgy even before nootropics entered the common consciousness. Some people sell supplements that don’t contain the active ingredient, while some do, but the active ingredient is in a form that can’t be metabolized properly by the body. Luckily, there are a few ways to distinguish trustworthy nootropics vendors from the rest:

Seek out recommendations and reviews.

If you think you might have found a shop you like, it’s essential to search for what other people are saying about that vendor. A quick Google search is all it takes to be able to determine the track record of a nootropics store. If many influencers, as well as average joes, are saying good things, then there’s a good chance you can shop safely there. It’s much better to find reviews from real people on a public forum like Reddit than it is to solely trust influencers, as their endorsements can be bought through free items or even directly with dollar bills.

Look at the site design.

Anyone who wants to seriously make a name for themselves in the nootropics industry is willing to put in the world whatever is necessary to have a modern and easy-to-use site. In fact, because of how saturated the nootropics market is, there’s a much bigger onus on individual retailers to make their website stand out from the crowd. Look for an official website that’s attractive, simple to use, and in general, looks like a lot of time was put into it. Buying from a website that looks it’s from the early 2000s with lots of broken parts is the digital equivalent of buying your nootropics from a guy in an alley wearing a trench coat.

Check the pricing.

There’s the old saying that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. It might seem appealing to get your supplements at the cheapest price possible. It’s suggested that you try and find deals on your supplements, but if the site you’ve found sells your supplements at 50% of the price that all of the other vendors you’ve looked at do, there’s a high chance there’s a catch somewhere. You might not receive your products at all, or even worse, you might be given something that could hurt you.


Seeing there are hundreds, if not thousands, of online nootropics retailers out there, it will take anyone a significant amount of time to track down a website with a real passion for the industry. Still, it’s much easier to be a bad vendor than it is to be a good one. When it comes to things you put in your body, due diligence is essential.