How the Pandemic Is Changing Footwear Trends

Given the significant effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on almost all aspects of life, it is not surprising that it is also affecting fashion, particularly footwear. The possibility of unknowingly contracting the novel coronavirus and the measures intended to slow the spread, such as stay-at-home orders, have changed what shoes people buy and how they make their purchases.

In some cases, the pandemic has sparked entirely new trends. In other ways, it has amplified those that already existed. Whatever the case, there are several very clear current trends in footwear that relate directly to the pandemic.

1. Practicality

Because the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is a new strain, it has taken researchers a while to figure out how it spreads and how long it remains on surfaces. At best, people have reacted with an abundance of caution as it relates to trying to avoid infection by disinfecting as many surfaces as possible. Therefore, boots online for women and have been and continue trending. Practical shoes with rubber soles that are easy to wipe down after going out in public are more popular at the moment than frivolities such as sequins and impractical materials such as silks. Heavy boots may give people a sense of power in a situation over which they have little control.

2. Activity

People have been looking for ways to keep fit while maintaining social distance with others and without violating any lockdown orders that may be in force. They have been pursuing activities such as biking and running that allow them to comply with social distancing guidance. In areas where lockdowns may prevent them from pursuing those activities outside, they have been investing in equipment that will allow them to perform them inside. They need shoes that are appropriate for such workouts, but because the home equipment is expensive, they may be looking for cheap ASICS so they can run on their new treadmills.

3. Comfort

With so many people forced to work from home, comfort has become a much higher priority than dressing to impress. This is especially true when it comes to shoes, given the significant role that feet play in bearing the weight of the body. Some industry watchers believe that the trend toward comfortable and casual footwear will continue even after the pandemic is over and people return to their offices and workplaces. In other words, even after returning to the office, you may be more likely to buy Birkenstocks online than high-heeled pumps or formal oxfords.

4. Innovation

It seems like so many aspects of life have slowed down or stopped entirely due to the pandemic. However, it has actually accelerated many fashion trends. The reason is that, like most people, designers have been forced to stay at home, and with the extra time on their hands, they’ve brought projects that were previously on the backburner to the forefront.

Buying shoes online was popular before the pandemic and has since become a near necessity. Shopping for shoes from reputable online retailers will still be enormously convenient when the pandemic, one way or another, eventually comes to an end.