Daniel Zakowski & Ready, Set, Food! Are Helping To Prevent Food Allergies One Child at a Time

Daniel Zakowski is the CEO of Ready, Set, Food!… His one-of-a-kind company is the first to introduce an easy and simple way for parents to introduce food products to babies which in return will help prevent them from getting various types of food allergies while they are young and later in life.

How successful is Daniel Zakowski?

Daniel Zakowski says that he has been both lucky and successful in the aspects that actually matter. He describes to us that he has been lucky to have exciting and satisfying opportunities while finding the time to marry an incredible woman and have three children. He says that most people have successful businesses but they fail to develop good relationships because they don’t have the time. He says his biggest accomplishment along with his company Ready, Set, Food!,, is his happy family.

Daniel says that he is really proud of the fact that through his company they have helped over 20,000 babies; This has saved thousands of babies from developing severe food allergies. He tells us that the original goal of Ready, Set, Food! was to save babies with life threatening food allergies…. He believes they have been successful in doing so.

What makes Ready, Set, Food!’s products different?

Daniel Zakowski says that the reason that his company has been so successful is because they have provided parents with an easy system to feed their babies allergens. Feeding allergens is proven to be very effective in babies with food allergies. Providing allergens at an early age are shown to prevent about 80% of severe food allergies. Ready, Set, Food! makes this process easy.

Has Daniel Zakowski faced any tragedies?

Daniel says that he previously had a company in which he sold dental equipment that he built from scratch to $10M revenue a year. However, the company went out of business during the recession that swept the USA in 2008-2009. He had invested 12 years of his life in the company.

He says that he was very disappointed because he lost both his main source of income. However, he remained dedicated to his family and his local community. Hence, he was able to find satisfaction in his work. Daniel says that this experience has helped him a lot in Ready, Set, Food!.

What are his goals?

According to Daniel, if parents follow the simple procedure of feeding their children peanuts and eggs to prevent allergies at early ages, there will be 20,000 less children born with food allergies.

His goal with Ready, Set, Food! is to save babies from severe food allergies by providing a safe and easy way to provide these allergens.

Words of wisdom by Daniel Zakowski.

Daniel lives by a quote by Rabbi Trafon;

You are not obliged to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.

Daniel explains that while the problems of the world are too big to be fixed by a single person, one should not abandon them completely.

How is Ready, Set, Food! making the world better?

Daniel believes that in addition to preventing food allergies Ready, Set, Food! have also established brand-agnostics education on new education focused sites. They also sell their products for free to anyone who needs them.