How to Find a 5-Star Simi Valley Pool Resurfacing Service

Although finding a 5-Star pool resurfacing service isn’t rocket science, it gets a little competitive in the Californian valley.

Before you start looking for a reliable Simi Valley pool resurfacing service, it’s important to acknowledge the basics. It’s essential to understand your pool surface from the core, which helps determine which type of resurfacing would suit it best.

California is famous for the humid temperature and constantly changing seasons, due to which your swimming pool might call for servicing more frequently. In most cases, basic servicing is not enough, leading to pool resurfacing. So, as a homeowner, how do you go about it?

Don’t be concerned as here’s a detailed breakdown of finding a 5-star pool resurfacing service for those living in the Golden state!

How to Find a 5-Star Simi Valley Pool Resurfacing Service

You may be wondering how pool resurfacing works – well, most of the inground swimming pools are coated with tile, fiberglass, or even plaster. Resurfacing is performed by preparing the existing surface by chipping out the underlying plastered coating, hydro blasting, and several other methods. The overall period stands somewhere between 5 to 7 days, depending on the pool size.

Another frequently asked question is, how often do you need to opt for this service? If we’re talking about Simi Valley pool resurfacing, there’s no definite answer. Mostly, the Californian weather tends to hamper the existing surface’s longevity. Besides, it also depends on how you maintain the water chemistry. Overall, once you start noticing plaster flakes or cracked surfaces, it’s time to call the professionals.

Ways to Find The Best Pool Resurfacing Service

With such an immense range of options available today, choosing the best pool resurfacing service becomes tougher than usual. That’s why we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to help you choose the best Simi Valley pool resurfacing service provider.

  1. Choose The Most Experienced Professionals

As evident as it is, the most crucial factor while choosing any service provider is to ensure that you’re opting for one with considerable professional experience. Let’s remember that at the end of the day, swimming pools cost a lot. If you’re planning to compromise while servicing, keep in mind that it may backfire and lead to higher repair expenses soon.

That said, we’d recommend you to opt for those Simi Valley pool resurfacing service providers that provide a well-trained team of experienced and licensed professionals. Doing this leads to availing of high-quality service, greater flexibility, and utmost satisfaction. A trained professional always thrives on catering to customer requirements. Besides, these service providers use modern tools for maintenance.

  1. Considering Pool Finance

Most of us hesitate to opt for high-end services like pool resurfacing because of the additional expenses involved. However, once you’ve hired a professional service provider, using pool finance options can prevent you from spending a ton of money.

To be precise, opting for a personal loan is one of the most popular ways to go about Simi Valley pool resurfacing services. You need to hire a professional that offers such services and get a quotation of the estimates. Once the paperwork is sorted out, you can have a brand new pool.

However, qualifying for a personal loan isn’t as easy as it sounds. Don’t lose hope if you don’t, as in-house financing is another smart route that gets the job done. To be precise, these professionals are tied up with credit unions/partnering firms that offer financial services. With less paperwork, you can borrow money and repay the debt via monthly or quarterly instalments.

  1. Choosing The Right Resurfacing Finish

This part is where it gets a little tricky; choosing the right finish is of utmost importance while opting for these services. That said, we’d recommend that you hire such Simi Valley pool resurfacing service providers who use high-quality raw materials. Before hiring, make sure that the professionals specialize in multiple pool finishes, ranging from quartz to glass tiles.

Just like any other construction project, optimal finishing plays a significant role in the overall quality. With an excellent surface finish, your swimming pool is guaranteed to stand out as the perfect conversation starter. A superb finish also means less maintenance and enhanced durability, other than sheer aesthetic appeal.

The best thing here is that a quality service provider gives you the freedom to choose the type of finish you’d want, based on your current budget and other factors. Most pool owners tend to upgrade from natural pebble mix finishes to costlier alternatives such as glass tiles over time.

How To Maintain Your Newly Resurfaced Pool

Owners mostly assume that maintenance is a once-in-a-while obligation, which explains why the swimming pool surfaces struggle to remain durable. That said, now that you’ve learned how to choose the best Simi Valley pool resurfacing service, let’s take a look at the maintenance tips that can help maintain a newly resurfaced pool for years.

  1. Proper Pool Chemistry

If you’re not maintaining the optimal water chemistry in your pool, surface damage would be inevitable. That said, we recommend that you invest in test kits that help inspect the chemical levels of the pool water and log the details.

  1. Less Exposure To Sunlight

Apart from chemicals, excessive sunlight can also have detrimental effects on the pool surface. Especially when you’re living in Simi Valley, extreme temperatures would eventually damage the pool. That said, it’s always recommended to use proper protection and shade to enhance your pool’s longevity.

Final Words

Owning a pool is easy, but maintaining one isn’t. That said, we hope that our complete guide to finding a 5 star Simi Valley pool resurfacing service could help you out.

If you’re still having problems finding reliable service, contact Valley Pool Plaster for highly experienced and licensed professionals that give your pool a brand new look.

That’s it for now, folks! See you soon with more informative guides on your day-to-day pool requirements.