Here’s Why The Phrase “Do What You Love” Doesn’t Work For Everyone

At one public event the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs advised young adults to “Do What You Love”. If most people took that advice literally, they’d be staying at home all day; sleeping, eating scrambled eggs or wasting time playing video games. That also means most of the people would also end up homeless for real. This is why I believe, the advice “Do What you love” is not suitable for everyone.


Some People Aim For Fulfilment:

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The reason why the advice “do what you love” is not reliable for many is because, if some people have the freedom to do what they love, it also requires they belong to a stable and economical background. But the truth is most of us are simply trying to make our ends meet and pay the bills regularly. Most millennials follow this advice without considering the pros and cons and the impact it might have on their careers.

Do What You Love– A Harmful Advice:

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According to research, the advice “do what you love” is a bad connection between profession and passion because it can be both risky and irrational for people without a passion.

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Do What You Love- An Idea That Promotes Disappointment:

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What makes this advice so disappointing for most people is that it convinced them that only strong will and determination is enough to reach their goals. The idea that work will not feel like work if you love it, is very overrated. No matter, if you’re a Hollywood actor or a financial analyst; you need to apply the same effort and hard work your job requires. If you’re lucky enough to land your dream job, it is necessary to know that every job requires a certain level of skills and talent which cannot be supported by passion, alone. There are chances that your dream job is also the dream of many other individuals. And if you are able to surpass all the hurdles and land the position there is a chance you’ll be paid low or treated badly.

Do what you love and you’ll enjoy your life is a very stupid advice to tell people. When you have to wake up early morning every day, meet deadlines or have people guiding you about your passion all the time can be very pressurizing. Doing what you love to do as a hobby can eventually turn out to be a bummer. But that also doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t pursue what you wish for in life. Most young people have the ability to choose their own careers based on their interests regardless of their financial and family pressures. If you truly want to enjoy the work you do then you have to act cool and treat your job like your hobby, and not the vice versa.

When you treat your profession as an everyday chore or the source of paying your bills, you are bound to start dreading it sooner. If you truly want to make the most of your career and do what you love then you need to start seeing your job as a productive way to add onto your excellence.

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Article by: Born Realist