Celebrities Who Gave Up Fame to Live a Normal Life

Almost everyone on this entire planet want fame. It’s something that grants you power and control on your fans. But did you know there are people who gave up their fame willingly? Here are 10 celebrities who gave up their life of fame to lead a normal life.

10. Macaulay Culkin

Image Credits: Everett Collection

You might remember this child actor from the movie Home Alone. He became the Hollywood’s most famous kid for a while as well. But then things changed. As he grew up, he went for drugs and addiction that ruined his acting career. Now he’s an official roadie. Taking artists from one place to another to perform. Just chillin’ and living the life.

9. Kevin Jonas

That name ring a bell? Kevin Jonas was one of the famous Jonas brothers band. Things were going smooth for the brothers. They acted on movies like Camp Rock and performed as artists. But then, Kevin quit. He started a food searching app called Yood. He has a kid to look after and his app is going great. Guess his fame got him the time for his kid huh.

8. Jonathan Bennett


This handsome devil played a role in Mean Girls and instantly, made girls crushing on him. He was the Romeo every Juliet desired. He was also Regina George’s boyfriend. But hey, everyone have different passions. Turns out he had a passion for fitness. Now he works as a spin instruction. Atta boy!

7. Mara Wilson

Image Credits: Getty Images

A person who was popular to the extent of having her name on the Hollywood hall of fame, but still quit acting because she had her mind set on something completely different. She portrayed Matilda, a little girl stuck with a mismatched, unloving adoptive family who discovers her magical superpowers. But when she got tired of acting, she perused writing. Now, she is a published author and writes full time. Not just that, she is also a spokeswomen for depression, anxiety and other mental issues.

6. Steven Seagal

Ever imagined someone quitting acting career to be a policeman? Well speak of the devil. His signature was ironic. He had a lot of fans. But well he chose a real job over a reel job no pun intended. Now he works in Mexico City’s Deputy. He can kill you with his sight. Must be hell of a cop.

5. Jack Gleeson

Image Source: Twitter HBO

Jack played a role of Joffrey Baratheon in the famous Game of Thrones series. But after getting killed off in the series, went to peruse an academic career and let his acting career die.

4. Kirk Cameron

Image Credits: Getty Images

Kirk is famous for the role as Mike Seaver in the show Growing pains, and on the films Like Father Like Son and Listen to Me. Cameron, at the age of 17, became a born Christian. After growing pains was cancelled, Kirk decided to get away from entertainment industry and go into a lifestyle that fitted his religious beliefs. Today he trains Christians in Evangelism and is the founder of The Way of the Master.

3. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Image Credits: Instagram Columbia Pictures


Freddie had a life that most teenagers would die for, in the 90’s. He worked in She’s All That, I Know What You Did Last Summer and you might recognize him for his work in the Scooby-Doo live action movies. He had a passion for wrestling and so started a wrestling blog. Now he works as a cook.

2. Peter Ostrum

If you were born somewhere near the 90’s, you would remember the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory. Peter acted as Charlie in that movie. The movie was quite famous however, he never acted again after that. He chose to become a veteran specializing in large animals. From chocolate eating to animal treating.

1.    Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Image Credits: Getty Images

Remember that cute voice of Simba from lion king? Well this person is responsible for that. He rose to fame from the big screen movies like Wild America and Tom and Huck, However he quit his fame to focus on studies. His focus then shifted to studying History at Harvard University and Philosophy at Columbia University.

A life without fame can be a good life, but fame without a life is no life at all –Clive James