15 Life Hacks That Successful People Use To Make Their Life Easier

Starting and keeping up a business takes an extraordinary measure of work, and time is a valuable asset. That is the reason successful entrepreneurs have built up a couple of life hacks in order to expand their productivity and business. Some of the successful people in the world shared their most loved, and profitable hacks, that they live by every day. These hacks help them stay focused, on track and gain a clear perspective of their priorities. In this article you’ll get to know about like hacks, best life hacks, habits of highly successful people, daily habits of successful people, secrets of successful people, successful person in the world, what do successful people do and common habits of successful persons. These simple yet useful hacks have proven to improve their concentration, communication, and interaction, all of which fuel their success.

1. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same T-Shirt Everyday

Recently founder, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg attended a live Q/A session where he revealed why he wears the same shirt every day.

“I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything, except how to best serve the community.”

Zuckerberg cleared that even the smallest decision, such as; what to eat for breakfast, what to wear could be really time consuming. And he does not want to waste time on that, when he could be spending all that time serving billions of people every day. He also stated that other entrepreneurs like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Barack Obama also apply the same theory in their lives.

2. Elon Musk Reads Two Books And Multitasks


Apart from being the CEO of three multinational companies; SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Solar City and managing five wild and ambitious kids, Elon Musk has his priorities set. The reason behind Elons success could be the six to six and a half hours of sleep that he averages every night. He says the only thing that keeps him active throughout the day is caffeine and an urge to help fellow humans. Elon has also successfully learned the art of multitasking. He sends emails while scanning invoices, schedule meetings, and manages his business, all from his phone, with his children on his lap.

On being asked how he manages to organize so many businesses and still save time for reading two books a day, Elon answered; Books have helped him a lot throughout his journey. The amount of wisdom you can get from one book is unimaginable. Read at least 500 pages everyday and see how your life changes. Not really gonna make life easier but it will help you in the long run.

3. Bill Gates Keeps his Life, Emails and Reading List in Check


In a blog post in 2006, Bill Gates, then executive, CEO and chief software architect at Microsoft, shared how he hacks his email with a simple arrangement — a bigger three-screen display area. With one screen displaying incoming messages, one set on another email that he’s working at, and one screen for his normal desktop, he can multi-task without tumbling off an assignment. By focusing on his work, one email screen at once, Gates gives every task the time and consideration it requires. This is something all young entrepreneurs and business men can execute into their lives and work Every year Bill Gates goes on a yearly Think Week to totally unplug with reams of reports and books. This gives him a chance to wear off the entire work load and gather his thoughts. Think Week helps him become more productive in his work.

4. Dustin Moskovitz believes in No Meetings Wednesday


Moskovitz is one of the co-founders of Facebook, along with Zuckerberg and also one of the co founders of a software company Asana. He keeps his calendar free every week to have one day of continuous work. It’s “an important instrument for guaranteeing you have some available space to do extra work”.

5. Beth Doane Let All her Calls go to Voicemail (make life easier)


In 2008, Doane established Raintees, a clothing line that plants a tree in a wild rainforest for each shirt sold and gives school supplies to a kid in requirement for each tote bag sold. Doane lets all of her un-answered calls go to voicemail, or else she could never complete anything, she says.

“I tend to return calls by the day’s end, and in the case that somebody truly needs to contact me I have my assistant’s information on my voicemail and let her choose if it’s truly an “important call.” “

6. Jamie Wong Schedules 3 Non-work Related Activities Every Week


Vayable is a San Francisco-based travel firm that connects travelers with local people who fill in as tour guides. Its system incorporates more than 600 destinations around the globe. Jamie began keeping three things throughout her life that she swears to regardless of any situation. She focuses on one task in each of the category “Create,” “Love,” and “Grow.” Right now, for instance, she’s figuring out how to play tunes on her guitar (Create), keeping Thursday and Saturday evenings saved for friends (Love), and taking boxing lessons (Grow).

7. Stephen King Works Everyday of His Life


The famous crime and horror story writer, Stephen King aims to write 2000 words per day to never lose track of his work. Mark Twain also wrote everyday of his life, then read it loud in front of his family and asked them for feedback.

8. Ellen Degeneres Write down Her Thoughts


Emmy award winning talk show host Ellen Degeneres writes her thoughts in a diary. She believes writing about her thoughts, feeling and emotions helps her understand herself and brings out the best in her. By writing down your thoughts you can clear your mind of all the negative and critical thoughts and concentrate on more positive things. Famous people like; Theodore Roosevelt, Ralph Waldo, Winston Churchill all kept a diary.

9. Barack Obama Get Things Done On Time


Just like most successful people Barack Obama utilizes his skills, talents and knowledge to the fullest extreme to make the most of them. The former US President starts his day the night before. He wakes up at 7 am and tries to complete all his tasks within 24 hours, without delaying anything for the next day.

10. Richard Branson Spends Time in Nature


Sir Richard Branson is a great example for young entrepreneurs. However, he believes running an empire and being a workaholic does not mean you compromise yourself from all the things you love. To be refreshed and relax from the hectic life you need to spend time in nature. After spending a long day at work, Richard likes to take a walk in the Caribbean to reflect on his work, interests and life decisions. You can use this and make life easier too.

11. Russell Simmons Meditates Everyday


Successful people like Russell Simmons and Tim Ferriss meditate everyday in the morning and before going to bed, to unwind from the day’s harshness. They believe your mind is relaxed when you meditate and that is the best time for productive thoughts and ideas to take place.

Meditation helps you stay more focused, relaxed and energetic throughout the day.

12. Mukesh Ambani Drinks Coffee Everyday



Caffeine is a savior for millions of people in the world. However, what’s more surprising is that Mukesh drinks coffee everyday of the year.  But do you know what’s more shocking? He makes sure he uses 60 beans of coffee per cup; not one less, not one more. For those who don’t know Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India. Now this definitely qualifies for how to ” make life easier ” .

13. Evan Spiegel Has A Daily Action Plan


Founder and CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel does not restrict himself to a to-do-list. He takes out 10 minutes every day to plan out his important tasks and things that need to be done. This helps him prioritize tasks that will be of more productivity.

He suggests creating a dump area in your brain where you can dump all the irrelevant ideas or things that can be take care of later.

14. David Allen’s Two Minute Rule


The Two Minute Rule was created by David Allen. He certainly believes if a task can be done in Two minutes then do it right then. Putting off for later adds on to your to-do-list and diverts your focus, which could be applied on something more productive.

15. J.K Rowling Follows A Unique Schedule


A typical 9-5 job can be both boring and hectic for some. Author J.K Rowling sleeps in the day and works at night to avoid distractions. She says it helps her focus more and nothing interferes with her imagination and work.
So that’s how she made her life easy, you can make life easier too.

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