Best Android Spy App to Track Social Messengers in 2023

Although there are multiple spying software in the market, it is hard to pick the best one. Often, people fall victim to fraud and then their trust is broken. We consider it, about which people have a good opinion, or which has been already used by your surrounding people, so you can rely on that with confidence.

By taking into consideration these things, we can find the best spy software and get benefit from it. Still, in 2023, TOS is the best spying software which helps users with its powerful Android spy apps. You can ask about it from the people who had already used it. You will find the ultimate solution for your worries about kids and employees.

Let’s see more about TheOneSpy how this is the best surveillance software.


TheOneSpy is an outstanding software which provides accurate information at a user’s cloud account. It facilitates users with its 250 plus powerful android spy features. TOS offers different spying apps to spy on different activities. Like for social media app’s tracking, TOS gives a unique bundle of featured apps for all social media apps.

The question that instantly came into a mind that why we need to spy on anyone social account messenger. Parents want to spy on their kid’s social account to track which kind of chats they do, to whom they secretly chat or at which time they used messenger etc. It also empowers parents to prevent kids from stalkers and from being doing any harmful activity. Likewise, an employer can monitor their employee social account messenger to monitor what they do on social account during working hours.

Now we will discuss TheOneSpy special solutions for different social media apps.

TheOneSpy TikTok Spy App

Tiktok is a lip-syncing social app that allows the user to make their videos with music and using filters, masks or stickers. Besides using this entertaining app positively, some people misuse it like making sexual content-based videos or harmful videos. So, TOS Tiktok Spy app is a unique solution which empowers the people to spy on targeted tiktok.

TheOneSpy Skype spy app

We know Skype as a professional social app that is mostly used for live meetings with video calls, online presentations or live lecture delivery, etc. But over time, we find people in using it for online dating. To prevent kids/ employees from wasting their precious time in useless things on Skype, TOS provides two Skype monitoring apps. One is the Skype Messenger App, and the other is Skype Screen Recorder.

TheOneSpy Viber Spying Apps

Viber takes an edge over its audio and video call quality. People confidently share their secrets on Viber, but they don’t have an idea that hackers can misuse their secret data. To prevent loved ones/employees, TheOneSpy provides two solutions to spy on Viber. One is the Viber Chat Spy App, and the other is the Viber Screen Recorder App.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy App

TheOneSpy also provides a smart solution to spy on targeted WhatsApp. Its reliable performance help users to take any decision regarding kids/ employees’ secret activities on WhatsApp. TOS facilitates users with four ways of spying on any WhatsApp. There are WhatsApp Keystroke, WhatsApp Chat Spy App, WhatsApp Voice Spy App and WhatsApp Screen Recorder App.

TheOneSpy Snapchat Monitoring Apps

It catches all the information about the targeted Snapchat account. TOS provides two solutions for spying on any Snapchat. One is the TOS Snapchat Messenger Spying App, which enables the user to monitor live chat, shared files, recorded videos and status as well. The second solution is Snapchat Screen Recorder, which empowers the user to make short videos of targeted Snapchat.


It turns out that TOS is the best Android Spy app as it provides separate solutions for social media apps. Every app works in stealth mode and provides reliable information efficiently. It can say that it will successfully maintain its leading position in the coming years as well.