Infographic reveals the best and worst places to retire

Take a look at today’s featured infographic, which has come through our inbox:


First and foremost, it’s a massive effort in terms of the sheer amount of data the company behind the infographic have managed to put together. They have collected everything including the median age of cities, the percentage of seniors, the mean social security income and more. It’s a great effort.

If we turn to the results themselves, for those of you who are nearing that elusive retirement age this is something that might prove to be quite appealing.

The headline statistic is that The Villages, in Florida, is the top pick if you are looking for a new destination to spend your latter years. Most of the statistics act favorably. For example, 54% of people who live here are over 65, it has a median age of 66.4 and the mean social security income is $25,505. What’s the downside? The typical rent tends to be around $1,274 per month, which blows most rival cities out of the water.

Other notable names to make the “best” list include Punta Gorda, Barnstable, Sebring and Sebastian-Vero Beach. Funnily enough, four of these names happen to be based in Florida. Perhaps this is more than the Sunshine State after all?

So, let’s now take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum. The team at Advanced Dental Care have been able to reverse the statistics, and show which cities you really shouldn’t be turning to if you are about to retire (if you are trying to rely on data, anyway).

Top of the list in this regard is Laredo in Texas. The population here is much more on the young side, with just 9% of it classed as seniors. This is confirmed with the median age of 28.4, while the mean social security income is much lower at just over $14,000. On the plus side, rent in this region is much, much lower, with the median being just $557 per month.

As you can see, there are a whole host of statistics to feast your eyes on. Have a look and see where your retirement could take you next.

UPDATE: We’ve just been told that the Villages is actually a specific retirement community, which perhaps highlights why the stats (and the prices!) are the way in which they are. Nevertheless, it takes nothing away from the fact that this seems like “the place to be” if you are close to retirement.