10 Types Of Toxic People You Should Stay Away From

We are surrounded by all types of people, so many that it is nearly impossible to differentiate them from each other. You will meet them throughout the course of your life, although no two individuals are same but there are categories of them out there. Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there who can be classified as “toxic people” as the only thing these people do is spreading negativity, unnecessary problems, and stress. Individual’s behaviors affect us more than any other factor in this world and as important as it is to learn how to deal with different kinds of people, truly bad people will never be worth your time and energy. More importantly, you all would want to be as far as possible from these toxic people and focus on your priorities in your life other than wasting time on correction of such category. All you have to do is keep on reading so you can identify the toxic people in your life.

10. The Narcissist:

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These people values themselves over everyone else. Eventually they’ll let you down when you need their support and turn on you angrily if you inadvertently get in the way of their needs being met. They will charm you with their innocence and they may appear nice to you but all that will matter is their hidden aim. Beware of them!

9. The Liars:

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Well, most people lie occasionally, but there are many habitual liars who just give no room for trust in a relationship. They will manipulate you with their lies and in the end you will be the one with sufferings and stress in life.

8. The Gossipers:

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Gossipers derive pleasure from other people’s misfortunes. These are the ones who have the hobby of spreading the false news around and enjoy hurting the other person. They discuss people instead of focusing on their own petty issues because they find amusement in the misfortunes of other people.

7. The Drama Queen:

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These kind of people needs to be the center of attention or to create a crisis everywhere they go. They’ll often pit one person against the other and then sit back and enjoy the show. They welcome troubles and then make other’s lives hell to get out of the trouble. Stay away from such trouble makers and they are quite easy to spot.

6.  The Complainer:

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They blame everyone else for what’s going wrong in their life but themselves. They keep repeating the same mistakes and moreover they refuse to pay for the consequences of their choices and they constantly accuse others for the sufferings they face just because they made the wrong decisions.

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5. The Cynic (Bad People):

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These kind of people only see negativity in life and they become so bitter in life that they only see bad in everything. They have decided for themselves that everything that comes and goes is negative and bad and that shutting their positive emotions will prevent them from getting hurt but all they ever do is hurt others instead.

4. The Needy Ones:

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They are almost everywhere. These are the ones who want to sit in their comfort all their life and want to be served by others so they don’t have to move a finger. And no. they are no king to any nation! They want you to be there for them non stop and if you even try to make them realize of their wrong doings, they have the tools to make you feel guilty and ashamed. So if you have someone with similar traits, you need to eliminate them right now!

3. The Envious:

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These people will always be around you in your hard times because they do not want to miss out the fun of watching you in miserable conditions. They will never appreciate your victory because they think they deserve all the success and happiness in life but not you. Such bad people only know how to resent you.

2. The Showoff:

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These people always brag about something and never share their struggles. Being around a showoff on a daily basis might make you feel bad about yourself. They will make up stories regarding their achievements but all there is, are lies and lies. Stay away from them because you don’t want to think lower of yourself because of such bad people.

1. The Judgmental:

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Last but not the least, this category is almost found at every place, it might be the person sitting right next to you. Nothing will ever be good enough for this person and they have the habit of criticizing and never praising anyone for their achievements. They will never listen to what you have to offer because they have already made the judgement for you, so you don’t bother.

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Article by Born Realist