9 Things Weak Minds Don’t Understand

Our mind is a mystery. It works the way we use it. It believes on what we show it but not all the times some brains are remarkable. It can create Einstein and Steve Jobs if we make our brains believe that. It can possibly achieve everything we think or imagine. That’s why dreams are so powerful; that’s the reason we create wonders and change lives. If we are lucky enough, creative enough, to use our brains to the full potential then we won’t need any reason to fail in our lives. There are times in our lives when we make some very bad decisions and some very good decisions and they prove to be a turning point in our lives. They change us forever. What basically is a weak brain? It is an untrained brain, a mind which believes on sitting quietly in the boat rather than sailing away when a giant shark attacks.

1. Fear:

Our brain functions in a way that when it senses danger, it will make us stay away from it at any cost. Let me explain it with an example, you are getting ready for a birthday party and in the last minute a lot of doubts rush in to your mind. What if my dress looks weird? What if Bella were there or John shows up with his new girlfriend? What if I go there early and no one is there? What if I reach there late? What if I don’t go? That would solve all the problems. That’s good, I won’t go. But if you have a strong and confident mind, then conversation to yourself would totally be opposite. What if Bella is expecting you at the party? What if john is there but only to see you? O man! That dress on you looks so perfect. You can clearly see the difference here. You must know that self-doubt and that fear of not doing anything new is making you weak and dull day by day.

2. Jealousy:

When we see others being appreciated and successful around us, it bothers us. This is also a sign of a weak mind. It’s like expecting that if I am not walking, others should not even try to walk. So, if someone’s success and prosperity gives us negative thoughts and we suddenly start hating them, we should work on ourselves. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they are jealous of others but if you feel the way we discussed, you definitely are jealous and that’s a bad sign for your own growth and self-worth.

3. Self Doubt:

They never trust on their ability and capabilities. They always give less value to themselves. They always hide at the backstage when the play of their talents begins. They always have their negative selves talking to themselves telling them, you won’t be able to speak in front of so many people, you will fail in the exams, and you won’t survive this tragedy of your live. You have nothing to fight, you are not enough. The list goes on.

4. Not Trying:

They give up without even trying again when they fail to achieve something on the first attempt. They don’t believe in fighting back.

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5. Always in a hurry:

They are always in a hurry .They lack the ability to be patient in certain situations. They want to win the race even before it begins. It’s like someone wants to play the final in the Olympics without being ready to play to knockout rounds. So, they give up even before the competition starts.

6. The blame game:

They are angry all the time and with all the people. When they don’t achieve what they desire, they start the blame game. “The examiner wasn’t fair”, “The questions were out of course”, “The interviewer was biased”, “I didn’t have enough time to prepare”, and “I had a fight last night with my wife or husband or parents so I was not mentally focused”. These are all excuses that your brain gives you and you accept them because you were not dedicated enough to your goals and need a safe way towards the exit.

7. Leg pulling:

When you can’t achieve your goals due to your weaknesses, you want others to fail too. You trick yourself by saying, if I can’t have it. no one will. So, instead of using your energy on focusing your goals, you waste all of your powers and energies focusing on their lives. You have to understand that fact that in this case, they will never fail because they are going closer to their goals and you, on the other hand, are moving away from your goals day by day. This is only gonna destroy you.

8. Hard work:

Hard work is a skill of persistent and consistent nature. When you keep on working on your dreams and goals without even worrying about the results and failures, only then you would say that I am working hard and dedicated but if you work less and dream more, this won’t help and you would end up living in a fantasy land. Dreaming about your good future and amazing life is not bad but you need you wake up and work on it too, to change your dream into reality. Dream gives you direction but it’s YOU who has to stand up and walk towards it.

9. How to cope with that:

Having a weak brain is not a problem; not realizing that you have a weak brain is a problem. If you don’t trust in your abilitie , if looking at mirror makes your face ugly and dress unsuitable, if your friend’s promotion or top position makes you hate him/her, if you don’t help your subordinates and colleagues in moving forward instead you are an obstacle for them, if you blame everyone but yourself for anything bad that happens to you, if you don’t believe in trying again and if you don’t believe in giving your honest time to the milestones you want to achieve, then my friend you are mentally weak. But it’s not an issue as long as you want to work on it.

Here are some tips for you:

1) Invite that friend for a dinner or lunch who got highest marks from you or is recently promoted.

2) From now on, looking at the mirror should remind you that you are awesome.

3) If you fail at something, analyse the whole situation, recognize your mistakes and correct yourself instead of feeling bad and guilty all the time.

4) Start working again instead of going into depression; fill all the gaps you left last time.

5) Don’t blame others for your mistakes and failures; work on yourself and your personal growth.

These are not impossible; believe me you can train your brain the way you want to. It all depends on you and your will. If you think you have all these habits then congratulations you just took the first step, you admit it, now the second step is to work on your weakness and be an incredibly strong person. Let us know if it helped.

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Article by Born Realist