5 Hollywood movies that were Shamelessly Ripped Off from Anime

Hollywood movies have been taking a lot of ideas and concepts from Japanese anime and manga. Many of them have taken concepts and even stories from anime/manga, here are a few that are a complete anime rip off:-

1. Ghost in the Shell = The Matrix:

The famous anime from the 90s had a major influence on the phenomenal sci-fi movie, The Matrix. The influence was so much that many of the action scenes were directed just as they were in the original Anime. Some scenes can be seen in the image below :

anime rip off

2. Perfect Blue = Black Swan :

Black Swan, the film that left people speechless. What people fail to realize is that the whole idea and it’s story was taken from Perfect blue, an animated movie that blew the Japanese entertainment industry. This was a huge step forward for the Japanese as well as the American film industry. Below you can see some scenes from the Hollywood version v.s the Anime version :

anime rip off

3. Wait for it…..The Lion King!

Yes, unfortunately the famous Animated film “Lion King” was a huge anime rip off of the not too famous movie created by the Japanese by the name of Kimba the white lion. Check out these scenes from the two movies below :

anime rip off

4.Neon Genesis Evangelion = Pacific Rim:

At this point you’d be wondering…now what is up with Hollywood copying from Anime? Why can’t they come up with original content?
Well the answer to that can be taken from this movie. In reality, the Japanese fictions always had more interesting ideas when it came to Sci-fi and everyone wants to use what’s good so why not use their work?
The success of Pacific rim made it clear that Hollywood definitely needs better Sci-fi content, that which is original. This actually did work in the future when the movies like Hunger games and Divergent started surfacing but at that time all hit concepts were being taken from Anime & Manga.

anime rip off

5. Inception = Paprika :

Don’t believe Christopher Nolan ripped off ideas? Check out the gif below and you decide :

So in reality a major part of the famous movie Inception was taken from an Anime movie Paprika which was released in 2006. It’s very sad to know that an amazing director like Christopher Nolan could rip-off ideas like that. But well, that’s how things go in Hollywood.



So after reading the above article and checking out the revealing images we hope that we’ve managed to convince you. Believe it or not, Hollywood really is Copying from Anime/Manga. If you want others to know then Share this article with them.

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