9 Subtle Signs that You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship? Maintaining a healthy relationship requires input and effort from both partners on equal fronts and while you may believe that nothing is wrong with the two of you outright, It can be possible that your partner has been subtly throwing words are around that are harming your Toxic Relationship and resulting in you getting depressed and feeling left out. It can even be possible that this passive aggressiveness is leaving you confused about where you two stand and whether or not he or she is even happy to be with you.

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While we don’t have answers to all your questions and while something of the sort should be thought through and solved between the two parties involved in the Toxic Relationship (namely you and your partner). We want to help you through the process of better understanding your Toxic Relationship, here are 9 Subtle warning signs of a toxic relationship that your partner may be saying that is causing a rift between the two of you;

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9. He or She Gets Angry at Things You’ve Already Resolved in The Past: Toxic Relationship

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Does your partner bring up the past a bit too often? Are they always getting angry about things you’ve already apologized for and have already resolved with them? Well, know that this kind of behavior is Toxic Relationship and will leave you confused and upset. It’s important to know that going through this kind of torture (yes, we are using the word, it really is that bad) is completely unnecessary and you should have a serious talk with your partner so you can clarify how you feel about their habit.

8. What Should I Do in Toxic Relationship?

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Does your partner need your help with everything and is overly dependent on you? Does he or she put pressure on you to make all the tough decisions while he or she hides in the shades? Do they expect you to do most of the work and handle all the emotional and financial stress? It’s important to know that a Toxic Relationship isn’t a one-sided thing, it can never be.

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Your partner is supposed to be your shade as well, he or she should be the home you come back too where you can find solace from the world and companionship, its their job to share all the load with you, whether its the emotional stress that your experiencing because of any reason or the financial one. This should go both ways, of course, don’t put too much pressure on your partner either.

7. He or She Prefers Social Media Over Talking to You: Toxic Relationship

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Toxic Relationship: Does your partner pull out the phone every-time they sit down to talk with you? Are they too addicted to social media that spending time with you has suddenly become a second? You should know that something as unnecessary shouldn’t take up the time that you two should be spending with each other and getting closer, and like I’ve mentioned before it’s important to know that this advice goes both ways, giving so much time to social media may be creating problems for your partner.

6. I Need to Vent: Toxic Relationship

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Venting is important sometimes, and its always better to let some things out and for most part its a good thing to vent out your concerns and anger but if your partner has made this a habit and they burst out every five minutes about something that’s completely unnecessary and aren’t venting to get any feedback from you, its about time to tell them that you aren’t willing to be the but of the joke anymore. Experts everywhere agree that aggressive behavior and shouting can leave most women and men disturbed and will only contribute to the deterioration of a Toxic Relationship.

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5. You Misunderstood: Toxic Relationship

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Toxic Relationship: Let’s take an example here, has your partner ever said something offending to you in a conversation and when you’ve later confronted them asking why they said what they said, they proceeded to tell you that you misunderstood the entire sentence and they didn’t mean it like you understood it? Is this a common practice? Does this happen often? Do they have a habit of doing this? Well, let us let you know that a person who is constantly telling you misunderstood something isn’t really being straight with you. If your partner has acquired a habit of doing something of the sort you should sit down and talk to them and allow them to let whatever they’re holding it out, whatever it is, a conversation on it will only help you both.

4. They Think Everything You Say is Negative: Toxic Relationship

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This point is kind of the opposite of the one it successes, taking something someone, especially a loved one, says negatively is very wrong, and a person who manipulates your words and twists them into something else is toxic for your Toxic Relationship and if someone has started believing that you only have negative thoughts about them its time that you give them some space or have a serious conversation with them about how they want to continue your Toxic Relationship.

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3. Who Are You Texting: Toxic Relationship

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A jealous partner is cute, ( jealousy is cute, you know it is) but it can turn ugly pretty easy when they start restricting your interactions with your peers or when they start doubting you wondering where you are and who you’re with it can get pretty suffocating pretty fast.

2. You Don’t Understand: Toxic Relationship

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Does your partner often block you out by telling you that the problems they are going through and the person they are is just too much for you to understand? Doing something like this is wrong and can leave you confused and upset. If your partner has started saying things like this and is blocking you out constantly, you should talk to them about it or give them space they clearly need.

1. Whatever: Toxic Relationship

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Saying whatever and stopping a conversation with it is a form of stonewalling. This kind of behavior often shows they’re irritation and holed up anger towards you. If your partner has started stonewalling you like this it is about time you sit down and talk to them about whats been bothering them so much.

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