25 Roller Coaster Photos That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Think

Rollercoaster pics are great. Numerous families have them in their home someplace, more often than not with the father looking panicked in the back, to his everlasting shame. What began as a fun route for the amusement parks to press a touch of additional money out of the clients, has transformed into a chance to get an important snap that families and companions discuss for a considerable length of time. Some of them are obviously pre-arranged, as individuals go to incredibly expand lengths to get the shot. You can simply envision the pressure as they line to get the photographs would they say they were planned effectively? Is it true that you were confronting the correct way? Poo, you should get back and do it once more. From the great looks of outright dread to some of those intricate set-ups, the rundown has got them all. Look down to look at them underneath, and upvote your own top picks:

25. Camera On A Rollercoaster:

Image Credits: Dannycabes

So my brother and I found out that there was a camera on the roller coaster.

24. Spouse Got Perturbed:

Image Credits: Blackthorne519

I wouldn’t go on splash mountain with my wife. Spouse got a little perturbed that I wouldn’t accompany her on the ride.

23. Speechless Proposal:

Image Credits: DOUG3465

Now, this is how a proposal can be made memorable for life.

22. Face Of Fear:

Image Credits: a-damn

You would not be able to see such a face ever except here in this picture.

21. Ten Dollar Picture:

Image Credits: Longsaao

These girls paid ten dollars for this picture. Their expressions totally justify that.

20. Haunting Photo:

Image Credits: Bombingofdresden

This is the photo which will haunt the boy forever. His normal picture is the testimony of that.

19. Silly Picture:

Image Credits: skalex

The award of the best silly picture goes to this guy definitely.

18. Best Pose While On A Rollercoaster:

These people surely know how to rock the rollercoaster pose.

17. Inside The Rollercoaster:

Image Credits: drewlefever

While on a rollercoaster always look out for your arms and legs.

16. Lost The Keys:

Image Credits: bitterbal95

This guy seems like he lost his keys. And he is tensed as hell because of it.

15. Disneyland?

Image Credits: westonnrae

This girl is looking like she is coming out of a Disneyland.

14. Tell Me About You:

Image Credits: thadav3

Don’t want to know what happened on the rollercoaster. Just tell me something about your experience.

13. Grumpy Clown:

Image Credits: Hamish Hamilton

The clown is so damn grumpy.

12. Poker Face:

Image Credits: whatthehelpp

Rocking the poker face like nobodies business.

11. The Rock:

Image Credits: ch4dr0x

The rock is smuggling on guns in the rocks while on a rollercoaster.

10. Someone Is Having Fun:

Image Credits: fullmetalagent

This picture shows that someone actually loved the rollercoaster ride.

9. First Experience:

Image Credits: arasita

Some loved it and some were frightened to the core.

8. Best Picture:

Image Credits: Wilymon

This picture looks like as if it was taken at the sixth flag in the Arlington.

7. Proper Use Of Time:

Image Credits: letslemons

Best way to kill the time while waiting to get a seat on the rollercoaster is to eat it as the men in the picture did.

6. Splash Mountain:

Image Credits: Tangboy

They clearly loved their journey towards the splash mountain.

5. Bodyguards On Duty:

Image Credits: gingershminger

These guys look like they are doing the job of a bodyguard for any of their mates.

4. Not Amused:

Image Credits: waterbeachbeabies

This boy didn’t quite like his first rollercoaster ride.

3. Not Impressed Much:

Image Credits: austin217

The girl in the middle is not impressed at all unlike the others.

2. Let’s Have Fun:

Image Credits: tegs-c

The kids are not agreeing with their father who is all up for some fun.

1. Whiplash:

Image Credits: trawy20

Always follow the instructions or else you will have to be the girl whose face is looking like a whiplash.

Article By: Born Realist