Top Reasons To Consider Using Custom Foot Orthotics

  1. Customized Orthotics Work More Effectively and Efficiently

Customized orthotics for your feet will be prepared in such a way that they suit your unique preferences and needs. When being crafted, the doctors will take into account your specific ailment as well as the exact measurements of your feet and legs. This means that the end product you receive will work more effectively in solving your problem unlike the mass produced orthotics that you can purchase from most malls today.

Note that most pre-fabricated orthotics such as insoles are usually designed to fit shoes but they do not take into account the actual leg size of the wearer. For this reason, you will find that most of them are uncomfortable – either too low or too high. On the other hand, personalized orthotics are made just for you.

  1. With Custom Orthotics, Your Feet Get Just The Right Amount Of Support Where It Is Needed

Your feet play a lot of roles within the body, key among them being supporting the entire body as well as balancing your weight. If you stand and/or walk with the wrong posture perhaps because you have biomechanical foot issues such as supination, over-pronation and fallen arches then compound this problem by wearing ill-fitting shoes, you will end up causing extra strain on your spine which can lead to pain or even injury to your feet, knees and lower back.

By wearing custom foot orthotics which have been specially prepared after an in-depth examination, you will be able to ensure that your feet receive just the right amount of support where it is needed and in the process prevent any pain to any area of your body.

  1. Customized Orthotics Will Help Prevent You From Feeling Pain & Alleviate Any Existing Pain

Under normal circumstances, your feet should not hurt. If by any chance your feet hurt frequently, it is advisable that you visit a podiatrist it foot specialist for a checkup. After visiting a specialist, chances are that they will recommend that you start using orthotics to alleviate the existing pain. Apart from preventing foot pain, orthotics will also protect you from other feet associated conditions such as calluses, ulcers, corns and other types of feet injuries. Shop orthotic shoes at the orthoticshop

  1. Custom Orthotics Will Help Improve Your Feet Function

With custom orthotics, your feet will be more comfortable and pain-free which will translate into better feet function.

  1. Custom Orthotics Will Help Correct Any Abnormalities In Your Feet

Generic shoe inserts – a widely (albeit often wrongly) used alternative to custom orthotics will make your feet more relaxed but they do not have the ability to correct foot abnormalities. Custom orthotics on the other hand can help correct a wide range of foot abnormalities such as supination, high arches, collapsed arches and pronation.

If one of your feet has abnormalities or both of your feet do not share the same structure, it is best to use custom orthotics instead of generic shoe inserts. Custom orthotics can help restore the balance between your feet and help any foot conditions you have from exacerbating.

  1. Custom Orthotics Will Help Improve Your Performance In Sports Activities

According to Pardip Sansi If your feet are uncomfortable or you are in pain when carrying out sports activities, your overall performance can end up being dismal. Custom orthotics will help keep your legs and body properly aligned as well as prevent pain hence helping you achieve better performance in sports activities. Additionally, they will also lower your risk of sustaining any injuries during sports activities.

Article by Born Realist