20 Household Items You’ve Been Keeping Around Longer Than You Should

Health is everyone’s top priority, isn’t it? We bath daily and we make sure our house is clean and tidy to avoid any kind of problems that might accompany unhealthy environments. We check our food before eating or buying just to make sure they are not expired and we never keep our beauty products around for too long. And at the end of the day, we sleep soundly knowing the things around us are clean and safe to use. Well here are twenty household items you have been keeping around longer than you should have!

20. Pillows:

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Now let’s be serious for a minute, who wants to replace a pillow? Our memory foam and bed sheets sure, but a pillow? Not going to happen. All of us have that one pillow that has been with us through at least a few moves, two or three relationships and is at the point where we don’t even want to pick up the pillow cover and look under it because we know we will see drool marks and a few lumps here and there. Well, pillows have an expiry date. It is argued that they should be changed every year. And changing your pillow has many advantages, for example; you might just avoid a bad case of acne!

19. Slippers:

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Slippers should not be kept longer than 6 months. Most foot diseases occur because of wearing worn out slippers for too long. So if you are using your slippers it might be best to wash them with a clear disinfectant. But it’s better to change your slippers every six months.

18. Sponges:

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Due to the moist environment sponges usually end up in becoming a nest for fungus and molds. In a maximum of two weeks time. It is better to replace them as soon as possible and not to keep them around for too long. If you are really not feeling like changing your sponge, you can boil it in hot water if it is synthetic.

17. Shower poufs:

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Shower poufs are no different than sponges. They too can become a nest for fungus and molds. They should be replaced once every two weeks.

16. Shower towels:

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If you use your shower towels every day, chances are that they take a beating and need to replaced more often than you think you should! It is better to replace shower towels every few months. If you keep a shower towel for a long time they don’t soak up water. But if you replace shower towels every so often, they last longer. But despite this fact, it is better to replace your towels every year and bring in a fresh bout!

15. Tooth brushes:

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When the bristles start coming apart, you should know it is the time to get a new toothbrush. We usually end up replacing our toothbrushes but there are several things we don’t know. Like it is better to replace a toothbrush after you have finished recovering from the flu because chances are that you might just catch one because of your brush!

14. Hydrogen peroxide:

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In a year your handy hydrogen peroxide bottle becomes nothing more than water. It is better to replace them every few months and the sealed bottles should not be kept longer than a year.

13. Hairbrushes:

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Hair brushes should not be kept longer than six months and if you have natural boar bristle brush it should be changed every so often. Or they can start damaging your hair.

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12. perfume, Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette:

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Perfumes can be kept around for 3 years and Eau de parfums can be kept for around two years. While water-based sprays and essential oils should be kept for no longer than a year.

11. Pacifier:

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Latex pacifiers should be replaced every 2-5 weeks despite their appearance or use. As latex breaks quite easily and these cracks may become home to germs.

10. Childcare seats:

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Childcare seats have a life of around 6-10 years which means that they should never be bought second hand or passed down from one baby to the next one. As they no longer protect the child but end up causing discomfort.

9. Bras:

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Bras eventually lose shape and support and become either too large or too small. They should be replaced and thrown away every year or whenever they start feeling uncomfortable for use.

8. Running shoes:

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Running shoes go through a lot of wear and especially if you use them regularly or with short intervals. It is better to get a new pair every year.

7. Spices:

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Spices can live for a year or two, after which they lose their distinct aroma and smell and become useless after this interval. So it is better to use them as soon as you can.

6. Flour:

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First-grade flour lasts around 6-8 months but it will probably need to be thrown out after that. Higher grade flour can be kept for a year but not after that.

5. Fire Extinguishers:

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If your fire extinguisher has any damage or holes in its pipes, it is the time to replace it. Fire extinguishers last around 15 years if left unused.

4. Power Strips:

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Every power strip has a certain voltage capacity after which it will short circuit. It is better to avoid the risk and to change your power strips every year or two.

3. Disinfectant:

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Disinfectants can be stored for around two months at the maximum after which they start losing their effectiveness.

2. Mosquito Repellents:

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Mosquito repellents, because of their sealed containers it can last for around two years but after that, they are no longer useful.

1. Power sockets:

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Yes, power sockets have an expiry date too and keeping them in use too long is the main cause of electrical fires in homes. So experts believe it is best to replace them every four to five years. If your power sockets are hot to touch or have started losing color, it’s probably high time to get them replaced.

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