15 Time Hacks To Make You More Productive That Take Less Than 1 Minute

Everybody loves a tip which will help them in doing their tasks as soon as possible. You generally don’t consider 1 minute very long but if that 1 minute will be utilized in some proper manner, then you will see wonders. You are busy and you often keep on reading about those powerful time-saving techniques that can be productive. Here are 15 time saving hacks given, follow them to be more productive in less than 1 minute:

15. Make A New Day Task List:

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Focusing on the present day helps you get tasks done faster, but working on your next day’s to-do list will help you in two ways. First, you will help your future self by setting a prioritized list of tasks that too in advance. Second, you will be able to clear your mind from the tasks you don’t need to worry about.

14. Don’t Check Your Email Instantly:

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Every time a new alert comes on your phone you look at it immediately. New email alerts don’t cost you much time but they cost you a ton of attention. And then you have to make your mind ready for what you were trying to focus on before. So try not to run towards your mobile as soon as an alert appears.

13. Confidence:

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Being the loudest person in the room is not the thing to be proud of. Lillian Glass, a body language expert and author of “The Body Language Advantage”, told Business Insider that the best strategy for people to appear confident and powerful in conversation is to focus on the person they are engaged with and convey through body language that they are really listening.

12. Establish A Micro Routine:

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Forming a long-term habit like a morning meditation routine takes time. Instead of introducing some new activity to keep yourself on track. You can break each hour down into a repeatable process. 15 minutes of simple tasks and 30 minutes of a difficult task.

11. Breaks:

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Breaks are very important. Taking 10 minutes out to clear your mind can give you enough of a mental boost to save 15 minutes of eventual effort. Even though it might be tempting to take a break when you finish a task and since you did well. It is actually more beneficial to break in the middle of a complex task as in that way, it is easy to regain your focus.

10. Cut Of Your Internet Connection:

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No matter how focused or busy you are, the Internet is always a temptation. Even if your motivations are professional, such as checking on your social media or sending an email on behalf of your company. There are distractions on every corner of the Web. So, cut off your internet connection to become more productive.

9. Eliminate Low Priority Task:

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The low priority tasks on your list will only serve to distract you or make you feel more pressure throughout the day. Find a way to get rid of them. If they take less than a minute to get completed, do them. If they take longer then schedule them for completion on a future date.

8. Never Say Never:

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We all have tasks on our lists that we don’t want to do. But we can not postpone them forever. Getting the worst tasks out of the way can clear your path for the rest of the day. So make a commitment to yourself. You might find that once you get started you will be more motivated to finish quickly. If you need to break in the middle, you will still have to accomplish the task.

7. New Work Location:

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Staying at the same desk day and night can get stressful. At least take a day off in a week. Make an effort to work in a new location. It can be a home office, a coffee shop or even a picnic table in the park. It is a great opportunity to get a fresh perspective and helps in regaining focus.

6. Prioritize Tasks According To Your Goals:

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Usually, you start your day with a huge list of tasks you want to tackle. Additional items get added to the list as the day progresses. You are not crazy enough to think that you will get everything done. You just want to get enough of the right things done to show progress. In order to do that you must assign a value to each of your tasks. The assigned values should be based on the extent to which each task moves you closer toward accomplishing your goals.

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5. Don’t Allow People To Disturb You:

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If you work from home and live by yourself, this tip will be easy to put into effect. You are isolated and can control your environment. Lay down a few ground rules expect the interruptions to come fast. The problem is that each interruption will break your concentration. So firstly, sit down with people who are most likely to interrupt you during the day. If you need to complete an urgent task let them know that it is a high priority.

4. Take Notes:

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Always create tomorrow’s plan, review each task on it. Think about what you will need in order to finish your list. Then, set aside extra time tomorrow to start those items. There is nothing more frustrating to wait for other people before you can move forward with your day.

3. Designate Time And Location For Each Task:

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Assign a time and a location for doing a task. List down all your details. Like you need to follow up with a difficult client regarding a past due.  You have carried it forward on your to-do list day after day. Now you should make a final call and designate time and location and get things done.

2. Review Your Daily Progress:

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At the end of each day spend few minutes recalling the hurdles you faced while trying to get things done. Make a note of how often you were able to get over them. Performing review will help you to uncover ongoing roadblocks in your workflow. Once you identify the most common ones, you can take steps toward removing them.

1. Stay Passionate:

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Most of us are optimistic about how much we can get done during the course of an 8 hour day. Our to-do lists might start with only a few high priority items. That’s the problem  when we fail to finish the tasks on our list. We are left with a feeling of disappointment. But don’t feel down, rather stay positive and realistic and keep that passion alive and you will get whatever you want.

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